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by: Rachel Saputro

MarketplaceIdeas:MediaHistory SMPA1050

Rachel Saputro
GPA 3.19
Media in a Free Society
Dr. Phalen

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About this Document

Media in a Free Society
Dr. Phalen
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Saputro on Monday February 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SMPA1050 at George Washington University taught by Dr. Phalen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Media in a Free Society in Journalism and Mass Communications at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 02/16/15
Marketplace of Ideas Jan 26 News Updates Gatekeepers in Media eg Republicans posting SOTU Address editing parts out Source of Media amp News follow Prof quizzes Fun Fact Golden Globes Foreign Press Association older than The Oscar 1st time ever show on Amazon won a Golden Globe not on network MPAA Ratings Studios control what goes onoff screen Freedom of Speech in a Democracy Media is supposedly intended to watchdog the government AgreeDisagree Nixon amp Pentagon PapersBush amp CIA Prison Info vs Single Face of a web of Provocative Information Large news agencies have immunity The Marketplace of Ideas quotIdeas are traded like products in a marketso the competitive model of marketing is a good metaphor to describe the importance of NOT censoring ideas Let all ideas compete in that marketplace and Truth will winquot John Milton Why is Milton39s thought important 0 his thought is typical of the philosophy behind the First Amendment to US Constitution The connection if peoole are free to sneak the ideas will circulate and the truth will prevail But waitfaws o Falsehood can gain a strong grip on people Nazi Germany Truth didn39t win out 0 Truth can be silenced by force o It can take a long time for Truth to win those who died in Holocaust Truth did not win for them Also 0 Speech is only effective when heard 0 Some speech can cause harm 0 lies Slander and Libel 0 hate speech disagreement is NOT hate 0 yelling quotfirequot in crowded theater if there is no fire 0 state secrets 0 pornography In 2015 0 Most of what we know comes through some sort of media 0 The possibilities amp limitations of media affect the marketplace of ideas Conclusions 0 We don39t have a quotfreequot marketplace of ideasand we probably don39t want one anyway 0 We have a regulated marketplace for media amp regulated marketplace of idea 0 To protect people from harm certain kinds of speech can cause 0 To even out playing field because access to media outlets give some people a very powerful voice for their ideas and some people can39t be heard who don39t have access Think About 1 What is your opinion about this Marketplace of Ideas metaphor 2 What does free speech mean in today39s world Epistemology the study of how we know something how we know Ontology what something is in itself Media History February 2 Lecture 19205 0 Should radio have advertising What should the advertising sound like 19305 0 FM Radio develops o Newspaperradio quotwarsquot 0 1938 quotWar of the Worldsquot Orson Welles 19405 0 FCC sets standard for tv broadcasts National Television Standards Committee 0 WW2 voluntary censorship o no weather reports on live football games ex Informs enemy o no man on the street interviews Way of communicating to enemy Shortage of paper during war advertisers turned to radio 0 1948 first network tv season 0 Late 19405 Cable TV 0 Hollywood studios can no longer be vertically integrated o when single studio deals with production distribution exhibition 19505 0 Frequencies reserved for quoteducational televisionquot 0 color tv being developed 0 Radio was a quotfamilyquot medium gt 39505 become more of personal medium 0 Radio listening declining 0 Theater attendance declining 0 TV audience growing 0 Programs amp commercials are live 0 Videotape introduced 0 quot Love Lucyquot first filmed TV program not live 0 Hollywood begins to produce tv programs 19605 color television Radio decline It39s all about tv now 0 Hollywood starts to provide films to tv 0 Congress passes law to eliminate cigarette advert from tv amp radio took effect in 3971 19705 0 households watching 6hrsday o 3975 HBO begins satellite program service 0 3975 VCR video casette recorder 19805 0 CNN Ted Turner 0 MTV 3981 0 Digital tV 0 HD tv 19905 0f1996 Cable tv usage 75 of US homes 0 Internet 20005 The Internet age 0 New ways to watch TV listen to music quotNet Neutralityquot debate Fundraising over the Internet Smartphones 0 quotLegacyquot Media moving to Internet 0 ABC CBS NBC Legacy


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