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here is the notes for February 9,11, and 13

by: Rebecca Favorit

here is the notes for February 9,11, and 13 106-06

Marketplace > Washington State University > Math > 106-06 > here is the notes for February 9 11 and 13
Rebecca Favorit
GPA 2.944
College Algebra
mindy morgan

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About this Document

College Algebra
mindy morgan
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Favorit on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 106-06 at Washington State University taught by mindy morgan in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see College Algebra in Math at Washington State University.


Reviews for here is the notes for February 9,11, and 13


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Date Created: 02/17/15
Notes for February 913 February 9 2015 Announcements 0 EampN 15 due Wednesday 0 EampN 16 due Friday 0 Math Club Wednesday 211 6pm 0 My Math Lab Hw 7 due Thursday 212 0 My Math Lab Hw 8 due Sunday 215 0 NO CLASS MONDAY Section 15 Transformation of Functions Vertical Transformations o The graph yCfxD is obtained from the graph of yfx by applying a vertical scale and shift Vertical Scaling 1 Vertical Expansion by a factor C when Cgt1 Vertical Compression 1 By a factor C when OltClt1 Reference Line xaxis y0 Clt09vertical reflection across the reference line Note if shifting first yD Vertical Shift D units up if DgtO D units down if DltO Note it s a good idea to scale and reflect before shifting so that you don t have to change reference line Example a fxx gx2x59 which equals 2fx5 C2 and D5 o Gx is obtained b Vertical Reflection 0 During a vertical reflection it is always over the xaxis making the y coordinate its reciprocal pair For example 2 5 would change to 25 In this case the xcoordinate will stay the same February 11 2015 Section 15 Continued Horizontal Transformations Affects the xcoordinate YfAxB 0 Horizontal Expansion 0 By a factor of 1 divided by absolute vale of A if OltAlt1 o HorizontalCompression o By factor of A if Agt1 0 Horizontal Reflection Across o Yaxis or x0 if AltO Reference Line o B unit right if BgtO o B units left if BltO o Combining Transformations o YCfAxBD This is the formula that you are to have to remember during these kind of problems Section 16 Quadratic Functions 0 Standard Form 0 Fxaxquot2bxc A does NOT equal 0 I Graph is a parabola I AgtO opens upward I AltO opens downwards I Vertex is at the bottom of parabola I C will give you the yintercept where x090c This is what the intercept coordinate looks like 0 Transformation Form 0 Gxaxhquot2k I Vertical expansioncompression by a factor of a if alt0 vertical reflection I Horizontal shift h units vertical shift k units I Vertex h k February 13 2015 Section 16 Continued Announcements a MyMathLab hw 8 due on Sunday b No Class Monday c EampN 17 due Wednesday d Chapter 1 Review assignment a Given Wednesday b Due on Friday 220 0 Transformations Continued 0 Standard Form I What ab and c stood for 0 Transformation Form I All the coordinates and how to plug in the numbers into the equation 0 Completing the Square I Take from standard to transformation form 0 Steps to follow I Factor coefficient of xquot2 out of the first two terms if there is one in front of the first term I Add and subtract a quantity 0 Note This will give you a zero 0 Ex If you had a 4 in the b place then you will be adding and subtracting a 2 o XIntercepts o The number of xintercepts will vary depending on where the line is on the graph o If 4acgtbquot2 I There will be 0 intercepts on the graph o If 4acbquot2 I There will be 1 intercept on the graph o If 4acltbquot2 I There will be 2 intercepts on the graph 0 Quadratic Formula I Used to determine the xintercepts of fxaxquot2bxc I Memorize the formula because it will be helpful in finding the xintercepts on the graph and it will help in finding the vertex as well 0 Position Function I T seconds after launch I St16tquot2VnottSnot o Vnot initial velocity 0 Snot initial height above the ground 0 Tgt or equal to O


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