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Recombination and Mutation

by: Matt Pawlush

Recombination and Mutation BIOSCI0716

Marketplace > Biology > BIOSCI0716 > Recombination and Mutation
Matt Pawlush
GPA 101.3
Biology II
Dr. Curto

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About this Document

Biology II
Dr. Curto
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Matt Pawlush on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOSCI0716 at a university taught by Dr. Curto in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 167 views.


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Date Created: 02/17/15
Recombination and Mutation Types of genetic recombination include Meiosis crossing over Information on homologous chromosomes are exchanged exchanging alleles Non homologous recombination moves similar sequences but not same alleles gt Lateralhorizontal transfer DNA from another source is transferred into a recipient cell Transposition is Where DNA moves from one place to another on the same chromosome or moves from one chromosome to a different chromosome This results in mutations if it Winds up in the middle of a geneinsertional mutation or it alters the expression of a gene if it Winds up in a regulatory region Mutations are A change from parental genetic material Changes in chromosome number or structure Change in the gene sequence Types of mutations Deletion Duplication Inversion Insertion Translation Genes do not appear de novo they are modifications of existing genes Mutations could have beneficial or malign affects Types of mutations at the gene level Point mutation change in a base pair Missense one amino acid is switched out for another Nonsense amino acid is replaced With a stop codon Neutral an amino acid is changed but there is no detectable change in protein function Silent a base changes but amino acid does not change Insertions or deletions can cause a frameshift really messing up the codons A mutation can occur Within a gene or in a control region such as the promoter transcription factor binding site splice sequence or translational recognition site Mutation Consequences for a gene can include More active gt Less active Totally inactive or absent New activity Antagonistic Neutral Somatic mutations are peculiar to the descendants of that cell and are not passed on to the progeny of that organism Germinal mutations occur in germ cells and Will be passed on to offspring There are spontaneous and induced mutations Cells can tolerate a certain number of mutations but eventually accumulation may cause abnormal cell function or cell death Before disease hoever the cell accommodatescompensates SOS response in E coli uses an errorprone repair DNA polymerase


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