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UGC 112, Week 4, Boyd

by: Bella

UGC 112, Week 4, Boyd UGC 112 - Timothy Boyd

World Civilization 2

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About this Document

World Civilization 2
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bella on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to UGC 112 - Timothy Boyd at University at Buffalo taught by Gabriella in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views.


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Date Created: 02/17/15
217 6 Enlightenment 9 339 Reason gt Inductive vs Deductive Reasoning gt Facts 9 conclusions and theories gt Always questioning v European Feudal System gt 1 King gt 2 Nobles gt 3 Knights gt 4 Peasants v Guillotine v First enlightenment figures late 17th century gt Beyle France gt John Locke England v 1721 Baron de Montesquieu gt Persian Letters gt Epistolary novel novel written in letter form gt Government and Church work together sensor anything unfavorable methods were sinister I Letter de Cachet 0 v Voltaire satirist novelist playwright critic gt The enlightened monarchquot 339 Marquise de Chatelet gt Ex of Voltaire gt First translator of works of Isaac Newton into French 339 The encyclopedia 17511765 I Diderot and D Alembert Now at midcentury we come to 339 Jean Iaques Rousseu gt Philosopher interested in I children Old idea kids little adults Rousseu 9 Kids clay can be molded shaped I Education Old way lecture memorization beatings New way Rousseu fun games discussion I Feelings Feelings 9 natural and emotions should be expressed sentiments show your good heart I Government The general willquot those in charge must be aware of the people s feelings ideas wishes The Social Contract Document that Declaration of Independence is based off of 339 Those clever thoughtful French men and women who created the Enlightenment were called The Philosophersquot Les Philoshophs gt At the base of their thinking Reason itself based upon knowledge freely shaped 339 Fredrick the Great 21915 Africa Ethiopia Mansa Musa famous for his wealth gt Wherever he went gold devalued because he had so much of it Mecca Timbuktu end of traveling like last stop on thruway Swahili City States of E African Coast gt Indigenous then controlled by Islamic merchants who used cities as bases for trade between the inland gold ivory spices slaves and the Indian Ocean and beyond Two big Swahili peoples of the coastquot Towns gt Kilwa gt Mombasa Post1500 Portuguese set out to control the East Coast On West Coast gt Travel southward leave trading posts forts I Big local populations Wolof Serer Puular gt Down the coast Kingdom of Benin visited by Port 1St time I 1485 powerful regional controller through 18th century but still worth taking down by British in 1890 s Salt trade in Africa Songhay Kingdom gt 14001600 big period gt C 1500 famous king I Muhammad Toure Used Arabs to organize his administration Began acquiring firearms Began spreading kingdom across region I 1571 collapses under Arab invasion On east coast gt Axum 15t 7th C AD gt KingdomEmpire of Ethiopia circa 11001975 AD Ethiopian Christian gt Ceremonies 1St pressure from Islamic city states Swahili then the Portuguese arrive C 1500 Portuguese attempt to dominate world trade including slaves and that s Tuesday s lecture BUT on this Sunday 3pm Knox 104 review 1 hour


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