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Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 13 Notes

by: Lexie Stenson

Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 13 Notes PPT 301

Marketplace > University of North Dakota > Physiology > PPT 301 > Pharmacology PPT 301 Week 13 Notes
Lexie Stenson
GPA 3.375

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About this Document

Hello, these are notes taken from the study aids on chapters 37-39.
Human physiology
James Haselton
Class Notes
PPT, 315, pharmacology, notes, study, easy, color-coded
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lexie Stenson on Tuesday April 19, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PPT 301 at University of North Dakota taught by James Haselton in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Human physiology in Physiology at University of North Dakota.


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Date Created: 04/19/16
Pharmacology  315  Week  13     Cyclophosphamide   Trade  Name:  Cytoxan   Therapeutic  Class:  Antineoplastic   Therapeutic  Use:  Used  alone,  or  in  combination  with  other  drugs,  against  a  wide  variety  of   cancers,  including  Hodkin’s  disease,  lymphoma,  multiple  myeloma,  breast  cancer,  and  ovarian   cancer.  Immunosuppression  for  the  prophylaxis  of  organ  transplant  rejection  and  to  treat   severe  rheumatoid  arthritis  and  systemic  lupus  erythematosus  (SLE)   Pharmacologic  Class:  Alkylating  agent;  nitrogen  mustard   Mechanism  of  Action:  Alkylates  and  crosslinks  to  DNA,  disrupting  its  replication     Doxorubicin   Trade  Name:  Adriamycin   Therapeutic  Class:  Antineoplastic   Therapeutic  Use:  Broad-­‐spectrum  cytotoxic  antibiotic,  prescribed  for  solid  tumors  of  the  lung,   breast,  ovary,  and  bladder,  and  for  various  leukemias  and  lymphomas   Pharmacologic  Class:  Antitumor  antibiotic   Mechanism  of  Action:  Attaches  to  DNA,  distorting  its  double  helical  structure  and  preventing   normal  DNA  and  RNA  synthesis     Methotrexate   Trade  Name:  Rheumatrex   Therapeutic  Class:  Antineoplastic   Therapeutic  Use:  Used  alone  or  in  combination  with  other  drugs  for  choriocarcinoma,   osteogenic  sarcoma,  leukemias,  head  and  neck  cancers,  brain  carcinoma,  and  lung  carcinoma.   Has  powerful  immunosuppressant  that  can  be  used  to  treat  severe  rheumatoid  arthritis,   ulcerative  colitis,  lupus,  and  psoriasis  that  are  unresponsive  to  safer  medications   Pharmacologic  Class:  Antimetabolite,  folic  acid  analog   Mechanism  of  Action:  Blocks  synthesis  of  folic  acid  (vitamin  B9),  inhibits  DNA  replication     Tamoxifen   Trade  Name:  None   Therapeutic  Class:  Antineoplastic   Therapeutic  Use:  Preferred  drug  for  treating  metastatic  breast  cancer.    Effective  against  breast   tumor  cells  that  require  estrogen  for  their  growth,  which  are  known  as  estrogen  receptor  (ER)   positive  cells.    It  is  the  only  antineoplastic  that  is  approved  for  prophylaxis  of  breast  cancer,  for   high-­‐risk  patients  who  are  at  risk  of  developing  the  disease.    In  addition,  it  is  approved  as   adjunctive  therapy  in  women  following  mastectomy  to  decrease  the  potential  for  cancer  in  the   opposite  breast.   Pharmacologic  Class:  Hormonal  agent,  estrogen  receptor  blocker   Mechanism  of  Action:  Blocks  estrogen  receptors  on  breast  cancer  cells     Vincristine   Trade  Name:  Oncovin   Therapeutic  Class:  Antineoplastic   Therapeutic  Use:  Usually  prescribed  in  combination  with  other  antineoplastics  for  the   treatment  of  Hodgkin’s  and  non-­‐Hodgkin’s  lymphomas,  leukemias,  Kaposi’s  sarcoma,  Wilms’   tumor,  bladder  carcinoma,  and  breast  carcinoma   Pharmacologic  Class:  Vinca  alkaloid,  mitotic  inhibitor,  natural  product   Mechanism  of  Action:  Cell-­‐cycle-­‐specific  (M-­‐phase)  agent  that  kills  cancer  cells  by  preventing   their  ability  to  complete  mitosis  by  inhibiting  microtubule  formation  in  the  mitotic  spindle     Dextromethorphan   Trade  Name:  Robitussin  DM   Therapeutic  Class:  Cough  suppressant   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  dry,  hacking,  nonproductive  coughing   Pharmacologic  Class:  Antitussive,  non-­‐opiate     Mechanism  of  Action:  Suppresses  the  medullary  cough  center     Diphenhydramine   Trade  Name:  Benadryl   Therapeutic  Class:  Respiratory  tract  agent;  Drug  to  treat  allergies   Therapeutic  Use:  Treat  minor  symptoms  of  allergy  and  the  common  cold  such  as  sneezing,   runny  nose,  and  tearing  of  the  eyes.    Other  indications  include  Parkinson’s  disease,  motion   sickness,  and  insomnia   Pharmacologic  Class:  H1-­‐receptor  antagonist;  antihistamine,  1  generation   Mechanism  of  Action:  Antagonizes  central  and  peripheral  histamine  H1  receptors;  suppresses   the  medullary  cough  center  (antitussive);  possesses  anticholinergic  properties,  resulting  in   antidyskinetic,  antiemetic  and  sedative  effects     Fluticasone   Trade  Name:  Flonase   Therapeutic  Class:  Inhaled  corticosteroid;  Drug  to  treat  allergies;  anti-­‐inflammatory   Therapeutic  Use:  Treat  seasonal  allergic  rhinitis   Pharmacologic  Class:  Intranasal  corticosteroid   Mechanism  of  Action:  Stimulates  lipocortin,  which  inhibits  phosphodiesterase  A2,  the  precursor   of  inflammatory  mediators     Oxymetazoline   Trade  Name:  Afrin   Therapeutic  Class:  Nasal  decongestant   Therapeutic  Use:  Treatment  of  nasal  decongestion   Pharmacologic  Class:  Sympathomimetic   Mechanism  of  Action:  Activates  alpha-­‐adrenergic  receptors  in  the  sympathetic  nervous  system,   causing  arterioles  in  the  nasal  passages  to  constrict,  thus  drying  the  mucous  membranes     Beclomethasone   Trade  Name:  Qvar   Therapeutic  Class:  Anti-­‐inflammatory  drug  for  asthma  and  allergic  rhinitis   Therapeutic  Use:  A  preferred  drug  for  the  long-­‐term  management  of  persistent  asthma  in  both   children  and  adults   Pharmacologic  Class:  Inhaled  corticosteroid   Mechanism  of  Action:  Reduced  inflammation,  thus  decreasing  the  frequency  of  asthma  attacks     Ipratropium   Trade  Name:  Atrovent   Therapeutic  Class:  Bronchodilator   Therapeutic  Use:  Relieve  and  prevent  the  bronchospasm  that  is  characteristic  of  asthma  and   COPD.    When  combined  with  albuterol  (Combivent),  it  is  a  preferred  drug  for  treating   bronchospasms  due  to  COPD,  including  bronchitis  and  emphysema.    An  alternative  to  short-­‐ acting  beta  agonists,  and  for  patients  experiencing  severe  asthma  exacerbations.  It  is   sometimes  combined  with  beta  agonists  or  corticosteroids  to  provide  additive  bronchodilation   Pharmacologic  Class:  Anticholinergic   Mechanism  of  Action:  Antagonizes  acetylcholine  receptors,  producing  bronchodilation     Salmeterol   Trade  Name:  Serevent   Therapeutic  Class:  Bronchodilator   Therapeutic  Use:  Management  of  chronic  asthma   Pharmacologic  Class:  Beta2-­‐adrenergic  agonist   Mechanism  of  Action:  Selectively  binds  to  beta2-­‐adrenergic  receptors  in  bronchial  smooth   muscle  to  cause  bronchodilation     Zafirlukast   Trade  Name:  Accolate   Therapeutic  Class:  Anti-­‐inflammatory  drug  for  asthma  prophylaxis   Therapeutic  Use:  Prophylaxis  of  persistent,  chronic  asthma   Pharmacologic  Class:  Leukotriene  modifier   Mechanism  of  Action:  Prevents  airway  edema  and  inflammation  by  blocking  leukotriene   receptors  in  the  airways  


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