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Notes - Week of 2/16

by: Rachael Han

Notes - Week of 2/16 BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology

Rachael Han
BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology

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About this Document

Snow Day this Week
BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachael Han on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BADM 2301 - Management Information Systems Technology at George Washington University taught by Ho in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 171 views.

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Date Created: 02/17/15
Chapter 1 Tuesday 01 20 2015 Blockbuster founded in 1985 O Acquired by Viacom for 84B in 1994 Reed Hastings was fined 40 in 1997 so founded Net ix in 1998 O Blockbuster refused to acquire for 50M in 2000 RedBox was founded in 2002 O entered online market in 2004 Hulu founded in 2008 Blockbuster introduced Blockbuster Express kiosk in 2009 O added bymail video games service in 2010 O filed for bankruptcy in 2010 Redbox Pros Cheap Convenience Kiosks are placed near checkout line draw impulse purchases low operational cost 0000 The Marketing 4 P s Impacts on Other Industries 0 Photography I Mistake slow shift to digital market cannibalization I Kodak declared bankruptcy in 2012 while it emerged from that in 2013 O Software I Microsoft vs SalesForce 0 Music I Spotify Pandora amp iTunes O Marketing I Groupon livingsocial MrRebatescom amp eBates 0 Airlines O Ground Travel I Uber Curb Lyft Impacts on modern businesses O Changing the rules of the game I gtkSharing economy relocate the resource and redistribute the resource and change the supplydemand of the market 0 ex Uber I Crowdfunding 0 ex Kickstarter Prosper I Crowdsourcing 0 ex Threadless O Blurring industry boundaries I every company is an IT Company I built around smartphone ecosystem 0 Creating new forms of companies ex Ebates IT itself is a tool but not a silver bullet SaaS Software as a Service Lab 0 The cloud is a server using the storage space on one or many of these servers 0 Web 10 vs Web 20 O Web 20 High interaction dynamic in nature booming social media user generated content and easy to understand I Popular technology used AJAX 0 popularized in 2005 by Google Google suggest 0 way of using existing standards I Examples of Web 20 FB Twitter Flipboard Tuesday 012715 Information Techology IT computerbased tool that people use to work with info and to support info processing IT Performs 5 tasks 0 Capture input 0 Cradle store 0 Create produce 0 Communicate among ITs O Convey output Tuesday 020315 Case Discussion 0 A Tool to Combat Terrorism and Fight Crime page 35 0 Problem fragmented data silos across organizations lack of an integrated info systems 0 Potential IT Solution Palantir from Lord of the Rings O Origins of Palantir I Serious fraudulent activities on Paypal Q How this system helps organizations like Military units FBI Wall Street banks etc I ISIT Helps organizations respond to pressures national security bank fraud etc and provide competitive advantage over rivals Managing Business Processes 0 Business Process ongoing collection of related activities that create a product service of value to the org O Components inputs resources and outputs 0 Evaluating Business Process O gtkDo the things right efficiency 0 gtkDo the right things effectiveness IS Role in Supporting Business Processes Q Executing the process 0 Automating online booking vs phone agents O Semiautomating ex manager s approval required 0 gtkCapturing and Storing Process Data 0 Monitoring process performance 0 ex online package tracking system or passengers boarding status Advantages of IS 0 reduce operational cost 0 save time Q eliminate human errors 0 enhance data integrity maintain consistency of data BPI vs BPR 0 Business Process Improvement BPI approach to help an org to incrementally streamline its processes to achieve more efficient results 000000 Change incremental Risk Low Time short Frequency high Approach bottomup Org Impact Quantifiable time money etc 0 Business Process Reengineering BPR approach to help an org to fundamentally rethink its processes to achieve more effective results OOOOOO Market Pressures Change radical Risk high Time long Frequency low Approach topdown Org Impact hard to measure sometimes 0 Globalization Changing Nature of Workforce Powerful Customers Globalization 10 Flatteners Offshoring Outsourcing Insourcing Strategic Management 0 Michael Porter 0 Berlin Wall Falls Netscape Goes Public Development of Work ow Software Supply Chaining Uploading Web 20 Informing search engine The Steroids technologies that amplify other atteners wireless cloud video conferencing 5 Forces Competition in Industry Among Rivals Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Customers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of new Entrants 0 Value Chain Model pg 61 0 Strategies for Competitive Advantage 00000 Cost Leader lower price Differentiation different Innovation something new Operational Effectiveness more efficient Customer Oriented


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