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4.5 Notes

by: Caitlin Notetaker

4.5 Notes PHI115

Caitlin Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Social and Ethical Issues in Computing
Bartlomiej Chomanski

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About this Document

These are notes on New Restrictions on Use
Social and Ethical Issues in Computing
Bartlomiej Chomanski
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caitlin Notetaker on Tuesday February 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHI115 at University of Miami taught by Bartlomiej Chomanski in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 167 views.

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Date Created: 02/17/15
45 New Restrictions on Use c The increase in the number of people with broadband Internet connection has stimulated digital copying Governments and recording companies have responded to the threat of illegal copying of copyrighted materials by introducing new legal and technological restrictions on copying DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act was the first major revision of the US copyright law since 1976 gt The primary purpose was to bring the US into compliance with international copyright agreements it has signed 0 Online service providers that misuse copyrighted materials will face severe penalties gt Ex A university that knows students are exchanging MP3 files on the campus network and does nothing to stop it may be sued DRM Digital Rights Management Refers to any of a variety of actions owners of intellectual property may take to protect their rights 0 One approach is to encrypt the digital content so that only authorized uses can access it 0 Another approach is to place a digital mark on the content so that a device accessing the content can identify the content as copy protected SDMI Secure Digital Music Initiative An effort to create copyprotected CDs and secure digital music downloads that would play only on SDMI compliant devices o It was unsuccessful for 3 reasons 1 Before any copy protection technologies could be put in place the number of music files being copied on the Internet mushroomed 2 Some of the sponsors of the SDMI consumer electronics companies started making a lot of money selling devices that became more attractive to customers as access to free MP3 files got easier 3 Digital watermarking scheme was cracked Extended Copy Protection Prevented users from ripping audio tracks into MP3 format or making more than 3 backup copies for the CD gt It also monitored the user s listening habits and reported back to Sony via the Internet o It did this by secretly installing a rootkit on Windows computers when the CD was played 0 Rootkit A way of hiding files and processes from users rootkits are commonly associated with computer hackers DVD Capable of storing a fulllength motion picture gt Smaller than videotapes and have higher video and audio fidelity Criticisms of Digital Rights Management Many experts suggest that any technological fix to the problem of copyright abuse is bound to fail gt Others argue that it undermine the well established principle of fair use


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