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Week 6 Notes (Feb. 17)

by: Kyle Maynard

Week 6 Notes (Feb. 17) MGMT 455

Marketplace > Purdue University > MGMT 455 > Week 6 Notes Feb 17
Kyle Maynard
GPA 3.0
Business Law

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About this Document

Notes from week 6 on Feb. 17
Business Law
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kyle Maynard on Thursday February 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 455 at Purdue University taught by Gothard in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 141 views.


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Date Created: 02/19/15
217 Ch 8 Continued 0 Initial Hearing 0 Trial Defenses o Insanity If jury decides you were but a danger to yourself or others they can say you of insanity and mentally ill are still involves being sent to prison usually If you are guilty by reason of insanity but you then you are for psychiatric care Defense of insanity in many cases 0 SelfDefense We have a right to defend our families others or ourselves around us using force that is use deadly force to protect your o Intoxication Involuntary o Shoplifting If the store owner security or employee has that a theft has occurred you can legally in Indiana Detain the suspect 0 Ask for identi cation 0 Determine if they have stolen items by searching them Detention has to be reasonable and last a reasonable time 4 o If they did NOT shoplift and you detained them 0 You will most likely get sued Ch 4 The Constitution as the Foundation of the Legal Environment 0 The Bill of Rights 0 5th Amendment Right to Due Process Right to Indictment by Grand Jury for Capital Crimes Freedom of Double Jeopardy Miranda Rights do have to be read to us o If you don t speak to the police you can t incriminate yourself Miranda Rights are an your oral statement 0 Protects against selfincrimination in custody and police interrogation 0 Unless you are read your rights they can t use selfincriminating evidence against you in court o If you reveal incriminating information without being asked it CAN be used against you 0 Routine booking informational questions are considered selfincriminating information name age address etc 0 10th Amendment Powers Not Delegated to US are Reserved to the States Ch 5 Government Regulations of Competition and Prices 0 Exceptions Under Antitrust Acts Governments Patents Labor Unions BasebaH Ruled not a business but a sport alone 0 Law requires everyone to have health insurance o If you don t you are subject to a tax Patient Protection Affordable Healthcare Act Obamacare Affordable Care Act Obtained through government employer or private 0 Kids stay on their parent s policy until age 26 Ends annual and lifetime caps Requires businesses to provide health insurance for employees more than 50 employees must be full time 30 hrs a week Provides tax credits fort those that cant afford it Stops canceling of coverage when some gets sick Requires policies to provide preventative services and tests like mammograms at no costs Can t charge women more than men Requires ALL adults to carry health insurance Provides for small nes tax for those who refuse to purchase policies


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