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Week 7 Notes

by: Karlee Collier

Week 7 Notes SOC 207

Karlee Collier
GPA 2.75
Social Inequality
Professor Jessica Vale

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About this Document

Notes from Week 7 of SOC 207.
Social Inequality
Professor Jessica Vale
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karlee Collier on Thursday February 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 207 at University of Oregon taught by Professor Jessica Vale in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 123 views. For similar materials see Social Inequality in Sociology at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 02/19/15
CHAPTER 11 Gender and Sexuality 02192015 Gender as a Social Construction 0 Gender Way in which social forces structure how being male or female affect what is expected of you what opportunities you have and the results for individual men and women 0 Social construction of gender Entire system of social processes that create and sustain gender differences and gender inequality What about biology 0 Biology 0 Biology is part of the tory but not the whole story 0 Biological differences Hormones Anatomy Brain Structure 0 Social 0 Socialization Societal expectations Social pressures for conformity 0 Variation across time 0 Variation across place Sex VS Gender 0 Sex Biological grouping based on anatomy chromosomes and levels of hormones Gender Result of how society shapes differences and inequalities between men and women Transgendered Individuals Challenge assumptions about how sex and gender and how these go together Context matters genderstereotypical behavior is more likely when people believe they are being watched Leave it to Beaver Household division of labor 0 tradition June Cleaver on women s changing roles in the 19605 0 Pink collarjobs secretaries nurses teachers Second Shift 0 after a paid day job the daily care and maintenance of home life including the physical and emotional care of children 0 Even as women are in paid employment they still primarily do the quotsecond shiftquot Slowly Shifting Gender Ideology 0 Migration and adjusting to quotwomen s workquot 0 Don Emiliano gender ideology evolves upon migration to the US and need for paid employment Why haven t the changes in Men s Roles been as dramatic as the changes in women s roles Women have entered traditionally male employment more than men have taken on traditionally female activities 0 Greater stigma for men to engage in femaleidenti ed activities 0 Attitudes towards female employment improved 0 Men s house work increased slightly 0 Employed fathers spend more time caring for their children than they did 50 years ago but so do employed mothers 0 Women s hours of paid work have increased much more than men s hours in household work Little Change in Masculinity But Gender FlexibilityResilience Norms of masculinity are relatively unchanged in insisting that married men are supposed to have a jobwhen men aren t employed couples more often divorce 0 Lower class men are delaying marriage because they feel pressure to be employed rst 0 Gender exibility allows families to avoid many of the negative outcomes normally associated with unemployment and job loss 0 Depression 0 Anger 0 Divorce 0 Violence How much changes has occurred in sexual and romantic behavior that are scripted by gender 0 Sex before marriage has become more accepted 0 Little change in gender differences in what is expected in the romantic and sexual realm o In hookups women feel obligation to try to give pleasure men more sel sh


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