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AFRCNA 0031 Week 7 Notes

by: Aileen Ryan

AFRCNA 0031 Week 7 Notes 0031

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Aileen Ryan
GPA 3.3
Michael Tillotson

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About this Document

These are the notes for Tuesday, February 17 and Thursday, February 19.
Michael Tillotson
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aileen Ryan on Thursday February 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 0031 at a university taught by Michael Tillotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 201 views.

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Date Created: 02/19/15
AFRCNA 0031 Week 7 Notes 21915 429 PM February 17 2015 Africans in Early America The Enslavement of Africans Starting in 120 BCE Africans thought to come to America on their own ships Important text 0 The African Presence in Ancient America They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima 0 Looking at the possibility of Africans coming before Columbus and helping to build other societies 0 The African Presence in Early America by Ivan Van Sertima Unexpected Faces in Ancient America by Alexander Von Wilthenal 0 Early America Revisited by Ivan Van Sertima 0 Great Sculpture ofAncient Mexico by Ignacio Reno o Mesoamerica holds the jaguar to high esteem 0 Known for hieroglyphics represents an advanced intellectual history 0 Astronomy Mathematics notion of zero Thesis an idea for exploration 0 Art Before Columbus by Andr Emmerich The Van Sertima Thesis Part I 1 Maintains that they came to ancient America as Nubians from the 25th dynasty of Egypt 751656 BCE to the Olmec heartland According to Van Sertima would put them here in time to be at the founding of the Olmec civilization The Van Sertima Thesis Part II 2 Contends that Africans came to America from the Mali Empire In 1310 Malian Emperor Abubakari II sent a fleet of 200 master ships and 200 supply ships into the Atlantic Ocean toward America a Many of these ships did not return b Argued that it was primarily for religious motives that the Nubian Egyptians came to early America as a pilgrimage to the West The Van Sertima Thesis Part III 3 Postulates that the step pyramid or ziggurat is a distinctive religious structure and that it is significant that the very first American pyramid or stepped temple appears at La Venta the site of the colossal Africanoid heads The Findings 1 Examines the similarities of plants in Africa and Mexico Among those he listed as transplanted are banana bottle gourd cotton jack bean yams and tobacco Linguistic evidence is offered as well showing similarities in Egyptian and Mexican words respectively Examined the observations and reports by European travelers as well as documents of East and West African reporting voyages to the West Presents skeletal evidence from studies by craniologist Andrzej Weircinski which reveal a clear presence of Africanoid skulls from Olmec BCE sites Cites Thor Heyerdals Atlantic crossing to demonstrate the possibility of Egyptians crossing the Atlantic and argues that both East and West Africans has the capacity for transAtlantic travel and makes the point that Africans navigated the Atlantic before the Christian Era Dr Clarke from the AHSA supported Van Sertima ASCAC also supported Van Sertima and continues to support his work What makes America great 0 Freedom documents from the Founders constitution bill of rights declaration of independence 0 Diversity 0 Independence Free speech right to bear arms etc 0 Political system not perfect but one of the better attempts at a political democracy February 19 2015 The Enslavement of Africans The Cognitive Transitions amp The Founding of America and the development of the Racialized Worldview New World Enslavement as Racial Slavery The First Laws 0 1661 Virginia recognizes African enslavement as legal 0 1662 Children follow the condition of their mother 0 1667 Conferring Baptism dos not alter slave status 0 1667 English Parliament passes an act to regulate enslaved Africans on plantations which called for them to be controlled with strict severity o 1680 declared that 30 lashed be given to any enslaved African who lifted his hand in opposition to chastisement by an overseer o The Constitution of the Carolinas decreed every European and his American offspringdescendants male was to have absolute authority over enslaved African in public and private Enslavement s 3 Levels of Facilitation O Facilitates the dehumanization process in a logical manner by the contradiction that a human being is simultaneously both a piece of property a thing and a person Permits emphasis on the property element and the prioritization of the rights of owners to their property It also allows gross subjugation and brutality on a large scale while reducing the possibility of guilt Idea that the agricultural group owners group were deeply invested in legal history traditions regarding two things importance of property and its connection to individual liberty An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States 0 Constitution guaranteed the right to own property The New Labor Force 0 O 1 the new labor force happened to be not only culturally different but physically distinct and not easily mistaken for any of the other populations in the new colonies 2 the AfricanAtlantic trade provided an unlimited supply of this labor The will be no enslavement of whites in Americaquot Cognitive Transition 0 Focus on the obvious physical and behavioral differences between Africans and Europeans To reach the conclusion that Africans were somehow not quite human like themselves All moral and ethical problems receded and there remained only the pragmatic ones of selective perceptionquot The obliteration from one s daily experience of any consciousness of the enslaved human qualities Public Demeanor 0 Every act symbolically had to remind both masters and enslaved whites and free blacks of the subhuman status of the blacks 0 Gave colonists individually and collectively the power to create their own idea of a savage o Developed and imposed their image of savagery over a distinguishable category of human beings Enslavement and the creation of race in North America 0 FIRST gave the colonists individually and collectively the unrestrained power to create their own savage o SECOND they developed and imposed their ancient image of savagery over an easily distinguishable category of human beings making it possible to view them as subhuman o Third enabled the colonists to maintain The enslaved Africanquot as a separate and discrete social category regardless of slavery imposing laws that preserved their distinctiveness o Fourth because of its unequivocal linkage of social identity to physical characteristics all people could easily be continued to such inequality 0 The Physiocrats o A group of European thinkers who believed in an economic theory which considered that the wealth of nations was derived solely from agriculture 21915 429 PM 21915 429 PM


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