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The Beginning of the Islam religion

by: Donae Pollard

The Beginning of the Islam religion 20133

Marketplace > Clayton State University > History > 20133 > The Beginning of the Islam religion
Donae Pollard
Clayton State
GPA 2.7

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About this Document

This discuss Muhammad and his family , and also the meanings of his books The Quran, Hadith and Sura
Survey PreModern World History
David Gilbert
Class Notes
world, history, Muslim Conquest
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donae Pollard on Wednesday April 20, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20133 at Clayton State University taught by David Gilbert in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Survey PreModern World History in History at Clayton State University.

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Date Created: 04/20/16
4/11/16 Thursday,  April  14,  2016 8:50  PM Last  of  world  religion  to  develop  was  "  The  Rise  of  Islam" Arabian  Peninsula:  is  a  underpopulated  area.  They  were  nomadic  herders. -­‐Bedouins  ;  fierce  warriors  but  had  no  political  rep. It  will  soon  go  through  a  transformation.  A  lot  of  goods  from  the  east  are   beginning  to  float  to  Rome.  Which  will  become  great  for  the  peninsula. Roman  empire  never  bothers  to  invade  them  but  they  do    because  of  trade    this   makes  the  peninsula  become  popular  forming  cities. Urban  Centers -­‐Medina -­‐Mecca(  kabba) LOCATED  IN  BAGHADAD Muhammad  was  born  in  the  year  57  in  mecca.  Before  he  came  they  had  a  shrine   for  all  of  the  gods.  They  were  polytheist  they  practiced  this  in  the  KABA  and  this   was  worshipped  long  before  Muhammad. -­‐They  did  have  Jews  and  Christians  in  the  Arabian  Peninsula  ,Muhammad  was  an   orphan  that  had  a  job  doing  commercial  networking. He  marries  a  rich  widow  name  Khadija.     She  helped  fund  his  business  venture  more  importantly  she  gives  him  his  only   child. People  suspect  he  had  more.  But  Fatima  was  the  daughter  that  matter(  his  one   daughter) She  plays  a  very  important  role. When  he  was  40  he  began  to  hear  voices  .  At  first  he  thought  it  was  an  angel  so   his  cousin  told  him.  From  the  arch  angel  abreal. The  gist  of  message  that  he  will  preach  monotheism  and  this  his  message. The  kabba  had  tourist  pilgrims  and  Muhammad  challenged  them.  This  starts   When  he  was  40  he  began  to  hear  voices  .  At  first  he  thought  it  was  an  angel  so   his  cousin  told  him.  From  the  arch  angel  abreal. The  gist  of  message  that  he  will  preach  monotheism  and  this  his  message. The  kabba  had  tourist  pilgrims  and  Muhammad  challenged  them.  This  starts   affecting  the  business  so  they  get  mad. Hostility  grows  until  he  flees  from  mecca  and  goes  to  medina. The  Hijrah  to  Medina -­‐central They  calculate  their  times  on  Hijrah  which  begins  at  622 The  beginning  of  the  "Umma"  when  he  got  followers When  he  got  to  Medina  the  city  was  already  had  strife.  He  soon  becomes  their   profit. Umma  means  community  the  calendar  begins  when  the  community  starts.  This   was  his  message. He  is  the  king,  general  and  Pope.  He  then  starts  to  conqueror  the  Arabian   peninsula.  In  630  he  captures  great  mecca. When  he  conquers  he  goes  to  the  Kabba  and  destroys  everything  but  the   stone(  black) Forcing  them  to  pray  5xdays  Pre  Islamic  worshipped  the  stones  he  repurposes   everything  in  the  Kaaba. In  Islam  Jesus  was  prophet  in  the  Kuran.  Prophets  kill  the  enemy  in  Islam  it’s  the   same  story  the  bible  while.   He  died  at  the  age  of  63.  No  one  could  predict  his  impact  on  the  world When  he  dies  the  new  conflict  arises  and  that  is  determining  who  will  be  in   charge. "The  Seal  of  the  Prophet" Through  out  his  life  Muhhamad    has  two  important  wives:  Aisha  and  Khadija There  are  four  names  that  you  should  know, Khadija Fatima Through  out  his  life  Muhhamad    has  two  important  wives:  Aisha  and  Khadija There  are  four  names  that  you  should  know, Khadija Fatima Ali(  son  in  law) Aisha(favorite  wife) 50  year  old  Muhammad  married  6  year  old  Aisha,  her  father  Abrahaka  was  a  very   wealthy  and  the  purpose  of  this  marriage  helped  Muhammad  make  powerful   political  moves. Islam  actually  means  submission  to  message. Muhammad  never  wrote  down  anything  but  messenger  wrote  their  stories  of   what  they  heard  him  say  ,  these  stories  are  in  the  Quran. It  written  in  Arabic  suras  means  chapters  they  are  not  written  in  order. Hadith  is  essential  for  understanding  The  Quran.  The  testimony  of  his  message   Muhammad  gives  you  the  context  for  the  suras  ,  giving  you  concrete  examples   for  how  Islam's  are  suppose  to  live  their  life. Arabic  for  god  is  Allah. Sharia  is  the  commentary  by  legal  personal  and  how  to  apply  Quran  to  your  life  ,   a  body  of  law. The  goal  is  peace  to  this  submission Islam  spreads  by  military  conquest Byzantine  empire  gets  attack  by  Persian  initially  doesn’t  react  because  they  used   to  being  attacked. Most  people  now  are  Muslims  and  Zoroastrians From  the  beginning  he  started  to  treat  Christians,  Jews  and  Zoroastrians.  The  first   one  when  he  conquered  the  polytheist.  He  said  you  can  convert  or  die. But  when  conquering  Christians,  Jews  and  Zoroastrians You  have  to  surrender  and  live  by  the  rules  of  having  one  god  and  it  has  to  come   with  scripture. Rule  of  Dhimitude Abu  Bakr(  Ahsia) Ashia  was  the  most  important  because  half  of  the  Hadith  came  from  her.  She  is   You  have  to  surrender  and  live  by  the  rules  of  having  one  god  and  it  has  to  come   with  scripture. Rule  of  Dhimitude Abu  Bakr(  Ahsia) Ashia  was  the  most  important  because  half  of  the  Hadith  came  from  her.  She  is   controlling  the  narratives  she  out  lived  everybody  who  outlived  him. Battle  of  Basra,  Ashia  personally  led  an  army  against  ali  because  she  wants  him   out,  he  doesn’t  die  but  she  hires  someone  to  assainate  them. Asia  party  has   Sunni:  orthodox  followers  of  the  first  3  Caliphs Shiites  are  followers  of  Ali


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