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Lecture Notes February 10-19

by: Sarah Edelstein

Lecture Notes February 10-19 TRDA 1015

Marketplace > George Washington University > TRDA 1015 > Lecture Notes February 10 19
Sarah Edelstein
GPA 2.5
Understanding the Dance
Irina Wunder

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About this Document

Class lecture notes from February 10th to the 19th
Understanding the Dance
Irina Wunder
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Edelstein on Friday February 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TRDA 1015 at George Washington University taught by Irina Wunder in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 153 views.


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Date Created: 02/20/15
Understanding the Dance Spring 2015 Professor Irina Wunder Lecture Notes February 10 to February 19 Dance as Classical Art Ballet in the West and Kabuki in japan 16005 Kabuki origins are in brothels women danced for a living and were looked at as prostitues ldancing by women in Japan during this time became intriguing and entertaining for men before it was banned due to the sexuality it brought with its movements Kabuki translated as sing dance skill l means the art of dancing and singing Bando Tamasaburo toured around the USA dancing Kabuki Onnaqata male who dances in Kabuki as a female which became a trend later in the age of Kabuki in Japan and as it toured internationally quotDancing Maiden at Dojo Templequot 1753 was a famous variation of Kabuki Always about the same subject and same plot line Duty vs Desire which prevails Marie Camargo Five Elements of the Pas de Deux LJ39gtLJLJII I Entrance Adagio Male solo variation Female solo variation Coda Modern Dance in America Loie Fuller l Serpentine Dance comes from skirt dances that were popular during Vaudville she took it to an artistic level this was the beginning of modern dance The artistic genre was called modernism because it rejected classical dance Pioneers of modern dance Isadora Duncan Loie Fuller lagainst the classical way of composing things dance does not need to be composed by a certain formula Synthesis Content Form Variation on movement l improvisation and experimentation l using unconventional techiques in making a dance 0 Things that aren t conventionally beautiful can have just as big of an impact as art that is o l the trends as set forth by Loie Fuller in dance spread to popular culture trends Laique perfume bottles were designed after the look of Fuller s serpentine dances Isadora Duncan wasn t taken seriously as an artist but wanted to be l she went to Europe and Russia to study art she declared herself an enemy of ballet calling its form a quotdistorted skeletedquot Sources of Inspiration for Isadora Duncan 0 Nature 0 Ancient Greek and Roman style classical arts 0 Her own soul 0 Ruth St Denis interested in Eastern philosophy and religion l her dances were philosophical in nature inspired by Indian and Egyptian culture largely lchoreographed Radha 1906 dedicated to Indian goddess Radha in platonic love with an Indian God 0 Ted Shawn married Ruth St Denis founded together the rst school of dance training as an artistic intellectual genre training to become a formal dancer artist school called Denishawn Schoollj famous graduate of Denishawn was Martha Graham Denishawn believed in the whole education of the dance art 0 In the 19305 Ted Shawn and Ruth St Denis separated Shawn came out as gay and founded the allmale Ted Shawn Dance Company 0 The rst time dance was offered as a program at a university was at Bennington College in Bennington Vermont Martha Graham was asked to teach the course but declined however she stayed on the board as a member Extra Credit Questions for Test Name one or two works by Isadora Duncan quotWater Studyquot quotMovement of Musicquot


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