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by: Alyssa Leathers

COMMWeekSixNotes.pdf Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim

Alyssa Leathers
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg

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About this Document

These are the lecture notes from week six!
Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim
Jonathan Anderegg
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Leathers on Friday February 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm. 3597.02 Media and Terrorisim at Ohio State University taught by Jonathan Anderegg in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views.

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Date Created: 02/20/15
COMM 3597 Media and Terrorism 22015 136 PM Week Six February 18th20th CyberwarfareOnline Terrorism News Item The internetcomputer Net neutrality control of internet All data created equally Current form of internet is not broken but they re trying to fix itquot Buy big companies into fast lanequot Website speed for money Competition Monopoly Pay more less internet speed Seen more as public utility not a service right More perspectives The Threat of Cyber War Reading imaginative scenario Summary of Reading Videoanalogy live free or die hardquot Military Might Military Unipolar US spends most on our military Danger of Cyber Dependence Current online infrastructure is incredibly insecure Conservative groups don t want more regulation on industry Liberal groups claim to want to defend individual privacy Current push make everything smart smart phones smart grid linked online presence everything is being pushed to be integrated Clarke s viewmain point is that dependence and vulnerability are far more important than offensive capability trying to scare audience Smart Warfare and Desert Storm Operation Desert Storm turning point where states around the world mainly China realized that the only way to compete with the US was an asymmetrical warfare notably cyber war Will the Real Cyberthreat Please Stand Up Clarke points to Russia and China being the largest dangers to American security 0 Home DepotTarget scams Attacks Who Why 0 Access to technology is changing who can threaten security and how difficult it is to do great damage technology is developing faster then technology security Discussion 0 How does and open democratic state respondquot 0 Some like China have the ability to cut off access to the web effectively creating an intranet that is more secure from outside threats 0 Should we become more restrictive in the name of security orquot o How does the Internet even work 0 A little restriction would be betterideal 0 We have limits on everything else why not the Internet too 0 Similar to nuclear warfare News Item 0 Obama not calling ISIS Islamic terroristsquot o Combating terrortalking terrorspinning it too hard 0 Not at war with Islamquot at war with terrorismquot 0 Pay attention to reasoning for the terror 0 Refusing to label even though they labeled self 0 Subjective layering Social Network Theory and Terrorist Organizations 0 Exam 0 Known Knowns things we are sure of Known Unknowns info is out there but not yet accessed Unknown Unknowns aren t even aware Expanding the KU area Help to realize the depth of knowledge that s out there 0 Ex cyber threats Social Network Theory 0 Humans are nodes in a network of rapidly expanding networks 0 Network a set of social entities linked directlyindirectly by various ties 0 Network models are often contrasted with hierarchical models 0 Networks of human relationships within hierarchy 0 Ex what comes to mind visually with the word 0000 0 Bird beakwingsbig birdflocksetc 0 See the brain accessing different categories 0 Memory as a network that can be activated hierarchally Homogeneity displaying similarity on a given metric race hobbies religion etc o Heterogeneity displaying differences on a given metric 0 Density number of direct ties to others in the network 0 Centrality relative importance or influence of a given node within a network 0 Example 0 You have ten friends that are only friends with you you are central node if you are taken away there is no network 0 If you have ten friends that are friends with you AND each other you are not a central node if you are taken away there will still be a network Matusitz claims similarity between modern terrorists and terrorists of antiquity because they re networks of individuals who communicate Discussion 0 But what about homogeneity vs heterogeneitydensitycentraity 0 Does the communication technology available point to similarities on these measures of network strengthquot 22015 136 PM 22015 136 PM


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