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Music 125 Week 2

by: Bryce Buser

Music 125 Week 2

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > Music 125 Week 2
Bryce Buser

Sean Wagoner

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About this Document

Week 2 Lecture Notes: These notes are the lecture notes for Monday and Wednesday of Week 2. It does not include content already posted on blackboard by the professor.
Sean Wagoner
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This 3 page Reader was uploaded by Bryce Buser on Monday April 14, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 101 views.


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Date Created: 04/14/14
Music 125 M W 12120pm CRN 36881 Week 2 Lecture Notes Corresponding Readings Text p 89103 Monday April 7 2014 History Hildegard of Bingen for more on Hildegard see your textbooks The 10 child of a family promised to the church Experienced visions and was giver permission by the Pope to speak in public about them Role of women in the church at the time was significant Composed Alleluia O Virga Madiatrix Texture Note Bass notes and harmony together the bass complements the melody but is not the melody Polyphonic Polyphony Adding an additional melody at a given moment The bass drone counts as a melody Organum a new angle of chant Using preexisting chant and adding textless Voices of polyphony on top Counterpoint The relationships between Voices that are interdependent harmonically and yet are independent in rhythm and contour A term to describe polyphony InClass Listening Gaude Maria Virgo Rejoice Mary 0 Virgin Anonymous Composer Feast of the Virgin Mary Polyphony Gregorian Chant Terms A capella A lack of instruments Voices only Notation White Keys naturals Black Keys sharps and ats Form Musical Architecture Musicologists developed a system to describe style of music pieces Binary Form A B Greensleeves Both parts end the same Rounded Binary Both parts end differently Simple Binary Ternary Form A B A Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Alleluia O Virga Mediatrix Wednesday April 9 2014 History Listening Sumer is icumen in Sumer is Come A capella unknown composer Polyphonic A round Listening Puis qu en oubi Since I am Forgotten Composer Guillaume de Machaut France Mid 14 century Medieval Renaissance Period 14501600 Increasing secular Humanism Touch and understand science as opposed to the religion that guided the Medieval period Artistic Awakening Seen with a greater sense of virtue Scienti c inventions 1609 Telescope 1440 Printing Press Widespread use of gunpowder Chinese invented it in the 1200s Listening Ave maria Virgo Serena Hail Mary gentle virgin Composer J osquin des Prez Bright and colorful as opposed to the Medieval darker sound More modern use of scales from modes Polyphony better function in a mix of voices Soprano Alto Tenor Bass 4 voice Polyphony Women expanded the ranges of the pieces Terms Round Canon Same piece of music is presented in order and overlaps Ostinato Repeating fragment of music Modes Different collection of notes than the major key Couplet Two lines of text Quatrain Four lines of text Texture Imitative Polyphony Round Canon Form Since I am Forgotten See above for more on this piece ABaAabAB Binary because it has only A s and B s Uppercase and lowercase describe the changes similarities of text 3 voices polyphonic chanson


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