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CDFS-3320-001 Week 11 Final Lecture

by: Enrique Pantoja

CDFS-3320-001 Week 11 Final Lecture CDFS-3320

Enrique Pantoja
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

Lamanna, M.A. & Reidmann, A. (2012). Marriages and families: Making choices in a diverse society (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. Professor Samantha Weir.
Family Relations
Samantha Weir
Class Notes
CDFS, Child, development, family, Studies, final, Lecture
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Enrique Pantoja on Thursday April 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CDFS-3320 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Samantha Weir in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see Family Relations in Child and Family Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 04/21/16
CDFS-3220 Last Lecture (Test - 9,10,11,12,13) April 14, 2016 Chapter 10 I. Women in the Labor Force A. Occupational Segregation – pronounced tendency for men and women to be employed in different types of jobs II. The Wage Gap A. April 12 Equal Pay Day III. The Leisure Gap A. The second shift for women means a leisure gap between husband and wives, as women sacrifice leisure and sleep to accomplish unpaid family work IV. Juggling Employment and Family Work A. Trailing Spouse– A Career move for one spouse may make the other a trailing spouse who relocates to accommodate the partner’s career B. Commuter Marriages– Marriages in which spouses live apart. Although this arrangement can be stressful, research suggests more serious stress can result when commuting ends V. Child Care A. Mothering approach– The couple preferred that the wife care for children B. Parenting approach– Family care was shared by parents who structured their work to this end C. Market Approach– Career oriented parents choose something like day care REVIEW Some career women choose to [opt out] the labor force in order to stay home with their children for a time D(opt out) Brad and Janet have been married for 10 years. Brad stays home to care for the house and family the text would identify Brad as a.. B(house husband) Jane is an insurance executive and lives in San Fran. Her husband, Don, is an attorney who Answer(Commuter Marriage) __ Involves providing assistance with daily living activites to an elderly relative who is chronically frail, ill, disabled or just in need of assistance. C(Elder Care) Chapter 11 [April 14, 2016] Second Chapter Today Six Qualities of Family Cohesion 1. Communicate appreciation for one another 2. Have a high degree of commitment to promoting another’s happiness and welfare I. Communication and Couple Satisfaction A. Relationship Ideologies – expectations for closeness and/or distance as well as ideas about how parenting/marriage should work B. Warm/Friendly relationship – High at showing signs of affections, low on antagonism C. Tempestuous or Stormy relationship – II. Ten Rules for Successful Relationships 1. Express Love Verbally 2. Be physically affectionate 3. Express appreciation and admiration 4. Share more about yourself with your partner than with any other person 5. Offer each other emotional support 6. Express your love materially 7. Accept partner’s demands and put up with partner’s shortcomings 8. Make time to be alone together 9. Do not take the relationship for granted 10. Do unto eachother as you would have the other to do unto you III. Relationship-Focused Coping A. Passive-Aggressive– Expressing anger indirectly B. Sabotage– Getting Revenge or Payback C. Displacement– A person directs anger at people or things that the other person cherishes IV. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1. Contempt 2. Criticism 3. 4. Stonewalling V. Tactics used by Fight Evaders 1. Leaving the house or the scene when the fight threatens 2. Turning sullen and refusing to argue or talk - Stonewalling 3. Derailing arguments- Contempt 4. Stating “I can’t take you seriously when you act this way.” - Criticism 5. Using the hit and run tactic of filing a complaint and leaving no time for a resolution 6. Saying “Ok, you win,” without meaning it - Contempt VI. Gender Differences and Communication A. Report Talk – Men typically engage in, conversation aimed mainly at conveying information B. Engage or Repport talk – Women typically engage in, and provide a more fulfilling and detailed conversation VII. Changing Fighting Habits A – The key to staying happily together is not avoiding conflict but dealing with it openly and in supportive ways. B – Doing so involves listening C – The goal isn’t necessarily agreement, but acknowledgment, insight and understanding REVIEW Conflict is- (D)[Experienced in even the happiest of couples] James feels that he has aan unhappy marriage. He has been angry with his wife for a long time, but he won’t express it openly. James’s behavior is D(a refusal to express anger) Preparing to defend oneself C(Defensiveness) According to the text, contempt, criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and belligerence are? B( characterize unhappy marriage and signal impending divorces )


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