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Chapter 6 & 7 notes

by: Becca Savino

Chapter 6 & 7 notes MIS 441

Becca Savino
GPA 3.5
Global eCommerce
Mr. Vithayathil

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About this Document

Here's this weeks' notes :D
Global eCommerce
Mr. Vithayathil
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Becca Savino on Friday February 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIS 441 at Washington State University taught by Mr. Vithayathil in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 100 views. For similar materials see Global eCommerce in Computer Science and Engineering at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 02/20/15
Tuesday 217 Module 6 Public Policy There are three main types of protection 0 Copyright o If it s a public venue you should pay royalties 0 Digital Millennium Copyright Act Allows people to use copies of digital goods in certain settings 0 Ie Making copies of CD S for yourself Makes it dif cult for fair use 0 Patent 0 Before 2003 if you documented a patent it was yours but after you had to le before anyone else to own it 0 Apple and Samsung fought over a patent infringement about the squareness or rounded corner of the phone 0 New phenomenon You can le online for your patent much more simple and quick 0 Trademark 0 Identify distinguish goods and indicate their source 0 Metatagging Embedding certain keywords in your website so when people search for those words your site comes Up 0 Cybersquatting People would buy up domain names of major companies then sell it back to the companies for a large pro t 0 Phishing They use trademarkIogosdomain names Them calling on the phone is a new phenomenon Craigslist cars people wanting you to wire the money Spam lters are getting smarter Trade secret 0 Most important Governance 0 Who decides 0 Self regulation has been the main regulations 0 They are moving toward having a central location that regulates such as the UN The biggest fear is that anything the government nds quotbadquot they can remove Taxation o If you have a physical presence then taxes are required 0 MOTO retailing tax subsidies 0 Mail order Net Neutrality 0 They want to make sure that it doesn t move to Title 2 o If the internet is a utility then they would have to provide internet everywhere like water Public Safety and Welfare 0 Hard to pass legislation that will stick because where do you draw the line with quotwhat is and isn t appropriatequot Internet Drugs 0 Hard to regulate 0 Risks of buying online 0 Can t always trust the source 0 Don t know if you re getting a legit product 0 Can be a conduit for illegal sales Module 7 eCommerce Architecture Policy ad Competitive Advantage 0 Know how Most valued aspects of any rm 0 It s not knowledge that could be easily transferred it takes time 0 Hard to evaluate Evolution of Business Applications 0 Stage 1 Simpli cation and Segmentation o Simpli cation and Segmentation 0 Focus on one speci c area to excel in 0 Stage 2 Reintegration and Transformation o BPR Business process reengineering o Integrates specialized tasks 0 Stage 3 Crossfunctional integration and uid adaptability o More integration Start to nish Enterprise Application 0 Started in functional areas of nance or accounting o Moved on to supply chain inventory manufacturing CRM Salesforcecom started it ERP SAP Human resource management Peoplesoft started Application cluster complex crossfunctional applications 0000 Reversing The Value Chain 0 InsideOut Approach old way 0 Outsidein approach New eCommerce way Legal Forms of Organization 0 NBA None disclosure agreement can t use private company information unless it s already public they can use anything they learned if it s not written down 0 Noncompete In certain states noncompetes are illegal 0 Assignment of Invention 0 Work Product a work made for hire Module 7 Legal forms of organization Sole Proprietorship Business started by an individual 0 Your personal assets are solely liable 0 Depending on state laws you may be protected your home Partnership 0 Legal business with two or more coowners 0 General partnership legal liabilities go to both individual partners o Is this this common for these rms 0 Common in accounting law and consulting rms 0 Because they sell individual and expert services 0 Sharing the risk so it s not all on you 0 Limited partnership General partner GP manage manages and assumes liability 0 You would rather be a GP because you get 3050 of capital gains 0 You must bring money into the rm from the limited partners 0 They make BANK Limited partners have only a liability amount for their share of the capital Money Management 0 Financial advising private equity mutual funds 0 Mitt Romney was in private equity Bain Capital Corporation 0 Moves liability Double taxation is the main downfall of a corporation 0 C Corporation owners are its shareholders quotSquot Corporation gives owners partnership tax status and corporate liability protection 0 Avoid double taxation and limits liability Module 8 Customer Relationship Management Roles of Marketing 0 Exposure 0 Set strategy for the products 0 Set the brand for the company Fun Facts relatively old stats 0 Cost 6X more to get new customer than to keep existing one 0 Increase customer retention by 5 increase pro tability by 25 95 o A typical dissatis ed customer will tell 810 people about it o Unhappy customers will be more vocal generally 0 Especially in the Web 20 era CRM De nition 0 An integrated sales marketing and service strategy that depends on coordinated actions by all departments within a company rather than being driven or managed by a single functional department Freeriders in Ecommerce 0 When you read all the reviews and get utility from them but don t write your own reviews on product 0 As a merchant send reminders to customers to write a review on the product as to lessen the freerider problem CRM Goals 0 Providing services and products that are exactly what your customers want 0 Customers don t always know what they want Offering better customer service 0 Always trying to improve Cross selling products more effectively 0 Suggesting other products that can complement products you ve already bought Helping sales staff close deals faster 0 More deals more revenue Retaining existing customers and discovering new ones Customer Life Cycle 0 Acquiring new customers 0 Use combinations of traditional and emerging techniques to reach all avenues available to market 0 Enhancing existing relationships 0 Collect qualitative information to create a 360 view of the customer Retaining customer relationships 0 Assigned a dollar lifetime amount to one customer and relate with them according to that dollar amount CRM Challenges 0 Technology or process 0 Technology is easily acquired but creating processes that take advantage of said technology is the challenge 0 Three focus areas 0 Marketing Simply this process 0 Sales Cross salesFaster Most of CRM is focused on this 0 Service Order tracking CRM Process 0 Decide which type of customer data to gather 0 Decide how to gatherand store this information 0 Decide how to analyze the information 0 Decide how to utilize the information 360 degree View of Customer 0 Made up of both qualitative and quantitative Keys to Successful CRM Implementation 0 Develop customerfocused strategy rst 0 Break CRM project down into manageable pieces 0 Include a scalable architecture framework 0 Get to this later 0 Don39t underestimate the amount of data to be collected 0 0 Decide what data is collected and stored 0 Collect as much data as you can because storage is cheap Issues of CRM 0 Who should be in charge of CRM 0 Those actually using the software 0 The problems to be solved are business and management so they should be in charge 0 Why do CRM projects fail 0 Lack of communication 0 Very rarely the fail because of technical reasons 0 Don t have complete support from users Leading industries in CRM Implementation 0 Financial Services Telecommunications Consumer goods makers Retailers High Tech Firms Who is behind the curve 0 Healthcare maybe because of regulations OOOOO Human Touch 0 Customerfacing employees vs Computer system 0 Customer facing is better


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