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Human Biology Notes: Week Four

by: Rachel Herscher

Human Biology Notes: Week Four 63956

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > Biology > 63956 > Human Biology Notes Week Four
Rachel Herscher
GPA 3.9
BIOL 100
Holly Harris

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About this Document

These are the Human Biology Notes for week four!
BIOL 100
Holly Harris
Class Notes
Human Biology Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Herscher on Saturday February 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 63956 at San Francisco State University taught by Holly Harris in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see BIOL 100 in Biology at San Francisco State University.


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Date Created: 02/21/15
Human Biology Notes Week Four Fun Fact Largest To Smallest Grain of Rice Grain of Salt Amoeba Cell Human Egg Cell Skin Cell Sperm Cell Red Blood Cell XChromosome Yeast Cell E Coli Bacterial Cell Mitochondrion Virus Hemoglobin Molecule Phospholipid Molecule Adenine Molecule Methionine Molecule Glucose Molecule Carbon Atoms Diversity of Life Three Domains Domain Archaea Unicellular prokaryotic organisms Domain Eubacteria Unicellular and Prokaryotic Found Everywhere Mostly decomposers Some producers Double Membrane Domain Eukarya Cells with membrane bound organelles Four Kingdoms Protista Plantae Fungi and Animalia February 20 2015 Protista Several different kinds producers consumers or decomposers Plants All producers Fungi Most Multicellular some unicellular Animalia Annelids and Anthropods Mollusks and echinoderms Vertebrates Hierarchical System of Classification What is Our Name Taxa Name Division Eukaryota Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammelia 0rder Primata Family Hominid Genius Homo Species Sapiens Binomial Name Homo Sapiens Energy Flow Carbon Cycle Plants Photosynthesis C02 H20 C6Hl206 02 Carbon Dioxide Water with Sun s Energy provides the energy to produce Glucose and Oxygen Animals Cellular Respiration C6Hl206 02 C02 H20 ATP Glucose 0xygen make Energy in the form of ATP and release Carbon Dioxide Water Fun Fact Some animals actually produce their own water Like the Kangaroo Rat The Body s Systems Immune Integument Muscular Skeletal Circulatory Respiratory Digestive Excretory Nervous Endocrine and Reproductive Immune system deals with the entire body Immune System Pathogens things that cause infectious disease Example Bacteria Staphylococci Streptococci and Strains of E Coli Nonliving Viruses cause the common cold and chicken pox Our Immune Response Different Levels barriers skin nonspecific and specific Highly Organized Antigens articles that our bodies recognize as nonself Particles that our bodies recognize as nonself Proteins Antibody Generator Travel on Red Blood Cells SelfAntigens Example Blood type A will have type A antigen specific proteins on blood cells so white blood cells won t destroy them If type B blood cells are transfused the white blood cells will destroy them in a type A blood body NonSelf Antigens White Blood Cells Main cells fight off invaders with nonself antigens Made in bone marrow from stem cells Transported around via the lymphatic system Kill pathogens that the antibodies attach themselves to Antibodies Found in the blood or lymph Y shaped Used by immune system to identify and neutralize foreign invaders Made in the spleen humans can live without the spleen Bind to nonspecific antigens on the outside of pathogens or cells to ag them for destruction by white blood cells attach themselves to the virus Memory B Cells remember the pathogens that the antibodies attach themselves to I E H 39 39 EFS39I39EI39I Flame 1393 Tip l ii m l Tyre Type WI Edmund ll Ei iiEEn jf I I Framing E hhen ype end E Egdll EHE HI aggiu nngem Hsma hniies imitative a anniu nin unlit fl annlulinin a and h mull inin hi anlu nin rili Vaccinations Are used against both Viral and bacterial diseases Work by injecting a person with a mild dose or inactive or synthetic dose of a bacterium or Virus Very specific pathogens 0 Builds up specific memory against the pathogen so it can fight it off quickly if the body is infected later


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