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Insect Test 5- Final

by: Maggie Kennedy

Insect Test 5- Final EPP 2213

Maggie Kennedy

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About this Document

Test comes exactly from the nots. True false and short answer
Introduction to Insects
Dr. Gerry Baker
Class Notes
intro, to, insects
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maggie Kennedy on Thursday April 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EPP 2213 at Mississippi State University taught by Dr. Gerry Baker in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Insects in Agriculture and Forestry at Mississippi State University.

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Date Created: 04/21/16
Test five  Label: small book/legal document found with every insecticide.  “you are to read and comprehend the label before implying the insecticide.”  Federal felony: if used incorrectly.  Formulation:  Bate- common formulation. Easy to apply. High concentration  One of the easiest ways to control fire ants  Organic: 1. attractant-fatty acid. 2. AI: Active ingredient  EC- Emulsifiable Concentrate.  Contains: 1. One or two petroleum products. 2. Chemical: Emulsifier (allows the insecticides to be MIXED with water) 3. AI: active ingredient  Allow for greater coverage.  If dealing with the public (ex. Golf course, playing field) it leaves very little residue.  If you do not use the proper concentration (ex. If the final concentration says 1.6 and you use 2.8) you can burn the crop easily.  Fumigant: when used, it is in the form of a gas. (Ex. Flee bomb)  Used in places where the pest are hard to reach.  Used in termite control.  Used in farms  Common.  Granular:  AI: active ingredient.  Large Diameter. (10-1500 miles)  Used in the soil  Dust:  Used above ground  Micro Encapsulated:  AI: surrounded by a permeable material  Have to be used in an enclosed area  Wettable powder  Wetting agent- allows the powder to be suspended in water  Low phytotoxicity  Disadvantages: will clog a boom sprayer.  Things you must consider when choosing a formulation  What is the best formulation to get to the insect? 1. Persistence: How long does it remain active after you spray 2. Compatibility: formulation that is compatible with other insecticides or chemical 3. Coverage: 4. Penetration: 2 5. Health hazards 6. Environmental hazards 7. Toxicity  Things on the label 1. Trading name: name it is sold under 2. Ingredients: given in percentage 3. EPA Registration and Establishment Number: if you do not get the proper control, you can call the EPA and give them the registration and establishment number, the people can tell everything they need to know about the insecticide. Investigations will happen and replace the insecticide if complaints are made about the same number 4. Use Classification: where and how one will use the insecticide. 5. Restrictions 6. Precautionary statements: how toxic a material is and what precautions one should take when dealing with the insecticide 7. Re-entry Period: time that must go by before one can enter a sprayed field or area WITHOUT PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. Common: 24-36 hours. 8. How to store the insecticide. 9. How to dispose of containers. 10. Statement of misuse: statement that will tell you what will happen if you are found guilty of misusing the insecticide in court. 11. Endangered Species: endangered species include birds, butterflies, animals. You may NOT use the insecticide on or near endangered species. 3 12. Manufactured number: must call if the sprayer isn’t getting the correct control or coverage that is expected. 13. 1-800 number: another number which one can call if the insecticide isn’t doing what it is suppose to. 14. Terms: will tell when you can use the insecticide. (ex. Pre-bloom, Pre-bud, Pre or post emergent.) Ways to apply an insecticide  Plane  Sprayer  Two most common o High pressure, high volume sprayer  Ex. Sprayed out of a plane o Low pressure, low volume sprayer   Ex. Boom sprayer – Machinery pulled behind a tractor 2. Nozzles: on a boom sprayer made from a wide variety. Most commonly used types: o plastic.  Why? Cheap.  Problem: Clog easier. Emulsifier causes nozzles to contract and expand. o Brass nozzles: o Hardened stainless steal: the best type of nozzle. o Most expensive. o Chemicals don’t interact. o Once calibrated, they stay that way. 4 o In the long run, since you do not have to replace very often, the harden stainless steal end up being cheaper. o Spray Pattern: o Flat fan o Hollow cone o Things to be cautious about: o sprayer speed o Mixing capabilities. Before you purchase an insecticide - determine the purpose Before you mix the insecticide - what precautions does one need to take, what is the compatibility. Determine the final concentration and how to mix. Before you apply: determine the safety measures. Where and how the insecticide can be used. What time of day is best recommended? How to apply to particular area. What are the restrictions. What is the re-entry period? Before you store or dispose: THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY LEFT OVER. The proper way and place to store and dispose. 5


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