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by: Ashley Sirk

77and81.pdf MATH 129

Ashley Sirk
GPA 3.78
Calculus 2
Dr. Bryden Cais

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About this Document

This is 7.7 which is comparison of improper integrals and half of 8.1 areas and volumes because we have not completed the unit in class yet.
Calculus 2
Dr. Bryden Cais
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Sirk on Saturday February 21, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 129 at University of Arizona taught by Dr. Bryden Cais in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see Calculus 2 in Mathematics (M) at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 02/21/15
Exam 7 DO bekarmm LUMQ EhQr or not 1 de CO U lt2Q B J 9314 S 1 0L m mm ntegmte 31 W x mS Rwi on 0633 LURE e r b F l39L 1 30 8 MOQCN EX fe alcg 029th b Jsan 39 60633 Converg FHLlt50 LKE SKIL 3 g x 5 xrrtgk7 3 For l g c Lo nuxm e evgce Jso we get e Je L E wax 260m 6 L4 4 cl O v 83H mi than deduce in b c3 93 36 Per 0m 0 1 ij L 313 TNXQQOM b o QM i 0363 1 Aw E L quotquot 39L WL 0 W 4 been V 93 SHOCK R 36 C OQLW HAQIC n l J G 3H I a GNU Egg ES 66H I Cnnm mn 1314 W GWEN j ndx whi i 99659 0 OUC OB mew yew donquot Vmow j x xx amp A Loon at the behuvmr 0 x as gtlt 3x TW ag wheat 6m nttgcak bew fg or not behaves Nae Prmcpla Cumva gueS by ccmpuvmg to q Sampher Poncho 3k 0 as x iaa A 19 15064 gbd mndjtxcx mnva ges thaw 33pde anques CL a B 9 ka 30 I gm gmdx dkwvg g J emu ngwx dweggex 1 X3 53P lt5 jgbddx swagger we DON T lANOUJ About fFMdy yea EKQMQR o E co t 5 SmLx 7 Iquot CCV bi haggi iO I 3T X quot 5quot CORVQVAQ 0 d wage gmh dan Jmc ltltgt s 3 SX behaves er X 13 X co f7 00 90 C 3 SmLX dx Ravage amp dx 5 NUSA quot M 80653 f 37 n x Vo c39i x X L rms 9 343mgtlt CV LUV QMUo EN E case X W 39 33an AX bmevgeS K What FmeO S um We untkT 0369A undcmm cx E smerges or p dvefg 3 EOV 01 I f 2 x QQ5 C QS For pL CXWQSQQS Q 92 6 v X je amp bf Cdg g3 PC O LOB ifompLQ 1 dx conueige er dweggg x3 gtlt a INNS s merqxr QQng SQ Og EN KW Ak Q Fem x 3 O x3 X K0063 Luixe X 1 30 we SUS9iCE it Fr r2272quot 0 x A quotNUr Q3 comuerg s Smce If CC CQ 3 f 39 f Och 5 30 Xng gt X Chech Obsqvvi Hank X gtlt2X Br 0 vx3gtlt Qk 39 0Q Smce jXUZ x QQnWag J so d 3 j x o CM 43 u QC on x 7 5093 quot5 6X Gave 8 DC dwefg 51 39X X es Umg converg g S Y C Q Z Or 63 L W Q Q I OQAQ e AX Cenvefcq 39 L 0633 J 3 25quot 1 391 want 10 Pmd E3553 SUCK 6mg E Z ggxy xGv X22 we have 1 53 W quot39 f x 60 X21 0 924 Cor x31 90 2 2 7 XI 33 5 jfzdx zcigtlt 5 cx 00 A 7 395 a Miami j xdx 3 Converge do PO ht IC 20 gt0 on fa than F L dx oma f mdx 39er Vath QQA NQVBQ or m both dwergei E CAMQLQ w j Dues X savage Or LUQ 36 00 X3 SmX QCMUQQQS so Wm S 5 ego Kom xs LLVxe OJRd UJQ 0W X we Six gt X S39gtlt 90 A Lug r r4 39 dK amuggeg x33mx 3 ewe L 0 105A X3JkSKngtlt2X ECQLE com K3 N x3 NWKMPWPQF at L 3 xg mx gt K gtlt l x 2 x35wvlt 9x1 whenever xgt 7 xgt 1 50W the A Ill X wh d QOnuerg s 7 vwmb X 6 397 M Si Y Com ages x3 smx To I Q inme UPCKU Wt We bQKwQQ CL O oi J LEan 3 omx Wm Ax i0 5x45 C r t R Empor cnb 0 L635 use HMS deo mom gm xa EXQmLi T was he w tW was 05mg QQWRX KlQ Rxemmcm s Sum ARQ lt3 Shae k wkbk 5 D LUQRJC to QKQ CQ m to 60 do ENS UK 0amp Smmkgf b gk as 54m gtL M 07 k WQ 0 Z M 3ch 0cc SHOE 4t wuk39h QQZMQAM 3 foCCx 05x Tomgb Y V a 122 OslmAk 6 fit C Uu jaORth h 26 URGCS L Mn ho 3 v O f 6 emen Sum Waggmk i Excwvig dex W exec Ram 05c Shea A in AK and W taxquotme 0 K Afacx 0 Shaequot Zd mvhf AK r rm 09 SQXYL 39CL x Z ZJ Rob NA i0 39 c QM 2 la qcx xnf immch O sh 0 a To complete m s xvxk ltglt 0L macswag E0 the beak toon t U L z may Sub w 9 care Ego Q 4amp0 h4 m hm 7 CCiBGCSG mQSS NLE Q 5 630 Lht agf k bang ha 7c 6quot 1V1 rtIll Ya K f j 3 2W sagas 2 L J VbM153 7 gt36 d o a o TVZ V V fquot 2 C 2C03 3C3t qg male Ac 8 L O o 0 TV ch 39 7 LQ Tr Afe x 0Q SQX QCW CLQ 1 Z We on usz NS dam in W6 0ampqu Exemxgka and M Udkume 39ouWe o SLxce39 rm AK Need 0 conuetk 39 WU J Q 39CDOQ CKOR 0Q To d6 UIHS we LQY Q ex VQ tQQ CHESS SQCJCYIBR 09 HNL C0346 makmg 0 A ll Er angle fyw 39 gt C W Eta Suvukw Encwgkeg Ca ch H D a f 54 quotIs quot 739 A r 5 km 2 We vdume a a ghee 39IYLS quotr Ah So Vokume 11 Come 39 s h w sM39ZAM r 0me er 5 NVMK f L5V W Z nv xuo i t Aid A CD 0 g S Ma S 53 781 S 3 I 39 V gt i z KJLS MZCW K 3 B K 3 quot 3 U 0 O


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