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Biopsychology (Psych 202 A)

by: bob

Biopsychology (Psych 202 A)

Marketplace > University of Washington > Psychlogy > Biopsychology Psych 202 A

Dr. Laruen Graham

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About this Document

4 pages of notes on neural communication, specifically at the synapse. Includes carefully drawn pictures and clear explanations.
Dr. Laruen Graham
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This 4 page Reader was uploaded by bob on Monday April 14, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Washington taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 113 views.


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Date Created: 04/14/14
P 0 A PU 7 f j Re syno 139C A 39 K neuron Man mm in axon ermaa at 0own axon 1 axon rm2nampL V V quot394 in O an gt r 0I 3quot 739 lV39gt9H c9 39 a4 g Cal quot it 3 g n V V Vv a e1uro 393 A 5 Eaplh c z D pF quotfofJ39C391 ch 1395 Cur39rerHy ves de caM9 A Synaps ie 0 p p J j JAeurorrmsm 4fh2J5 r Q quot 5 7 jeja 2 M Ca ions U6A banKr 2 i7osf5ynqp b c wl I 6 XoA 39 39 Jm5JG 1 ccwS jO ffquot 4 ToLf1 Rscm S 5 ledr5zaI 9rm9ed3 0l AdH p push tmote 54 vo1aa9 eJ cc awe1r are j Y 1of ions eaer axon ltrms 39wxL 9 ce4H j 397 A presynapm M p Axon J M3I D L ni1ar fi a 4a39ve voa eF 3 V4 lt1 F 4ew z dwj 7 CmF2 oas4 1 x Lo 64 Quasoi j P 6l po k 7Lro W 6uroA IL rm aaI 6 V voH 69fe439gcHN J Ca cJMa J5 op J Lmmv 9 ca fan cefl PexnwA3 war 6lednLJ quot sxon grad e d39S V 1 391 4roT t 4rs5 eIf L p rewhcj pR PHQSJ5 5ynapiquotc V uron 1 d ampdr39Jm 2 E Mr ijmwd 54 zd Eatcefifbg5Wm 2asismgabimnmmaAW C F p Q k P M 39i 39 g an 4 P me aba 5 r 0e J H J w T quot B 0 o 0 K 0 bag inifm miiu Mr ciiamgy p I G I l p g n T A H H P H V pP 0 L P H H pV Q 7 0 quot a WK NTS in aw 39s naKfS M gtT 39 V P p 0 V I s 5 0 0 j h z j 0 u Eat tau a aaVmi P r39 j p 0 T a byrmSmr tmaJTe1 4ig jW m N Lima ma l e ui amp am 39 f 5plyiii k skm 53 quot39 j 3 i 1h1QX 1AT C 539 I 311 I g W H j N75 P P P RCA n K Lmarmamma class engme 5 wampvwmae T W42 lt9 quot Svcz 9 3L cejfi Hnzs acgm M 3 39t e in V i M a Lsin Wm M x K 7 ca laser 43 31ma V V c C A pa 1 a fk e531am 1 0 E PS T 3ltf J396i br5 ao5i quot 5amp6po7 a kOA vc39f H eurctzn 39 S quotW A P T 4 EDS P5i0 dm as A3 ece5cn each Mae fhreshold 1P3 annb4v rv 4 aas svnqoo pom1 al PS 5 c5Vsaa ail no3 V lt9 I opp25 e lt7 5 P3 v F39r i P3quotE4 he Lei h j39yf fpoiampU quot J bcauyt away p V 67CH9p n FeSinoM Q jabs I rkexampie 5 GK r935 quot Syno o i3 V f k 39 Summgihgg in HneI5X2m ksi acis quotquot gtLanoJ 5L P50 W8 added 426 ckxaan Wncwsk g39cea laS 0 re ear ai loweai r M va539HMfe iquotl0gyV 397 h39I e5ina7j winenj WM aims ltjHamp2 A gafii f


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