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chapter 5

by: sumreen Notetaker

chapter 5 DEP 3305

sumreen Notetaker
GPA 3.1
Psychology of Adolescense
Andre Maharaj

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About this Document

Psychology of Adolescense
Andre Maharaj
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by sumreen Notetaker on Sunday February 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DEP 3305 at Florida International University taught by Andre Maharaj in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Adolescense in Psychlogy at Florida International University.

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Date Created: 02/22/15
Chapter 5 The nature of adolescents peer groups 0 The structures of crowds change over time with crowd becoming o More differentiated o More permeable 0 Less hierarchical These changes allow adolescents more freedom to change crowds enhance their status Adolescents and their crowds The social map of adolescents o Involvement in institutions controlled by adults 0 Involvement in informal peer culture Crowds as reference groups 0 Crowds contribute to the de nition of norms and standards for such things as clothing 0 Provides a basis for an adolescents own identity Adolescents behavior Is affected by crowds in at least 4 ways 0 Youth imitate the behavior of high status peers o Crowds establish social norms values and expectations 0 Crowds reinforce social norms 0 When adolescents are reinforced for following a crowds norm they feel better about themselves and further incorporate their crowd membership identity Adolescents and their clidues similaritv among clidue members Cliques typically are composed of 0 Same age 0 Same raceethnicity 0 Same socioeconomic background 0 Same sex at least during early and middle adolescents 0 Three factors are important for determining clique membership 0 Orientation toward school 0 Orientation toward the teen cultural o Involvement in antisocial activity criminal activities 0 Deviant peer groups 0 Antisocial aggressive adolescents gravitate toward each other Gangs antisocial peer groups that are identi ed by name and common symbols 0 Members are at greater risk for many types of problems ex antisocial behavior psychological distress exposure to violence victimization 0 Members tend to be more isolated from their family to have more emotional and behavioral Role of family in friendship choice 0 Parents socialize certain traits o Predispose teens toward certain crowds o Crowds reward them for the traits that led them there in the rst place 0 Traits are strengthened Antisocial peers reinforce antisocial traits Group based interventions for antisocial teens o Iatrogenic effects undesirable consequences of well intentioned treatments 0 Examples 0 Medicines making illness worse instead of better 0 Group based interventions allowing antisocial teens to get ideas about delinquency from other antisocial teens teach each other to be more effective delinquents Similarity between friends selection or socialization o Antisocial activities delinquency or drug use o It appears as if quotbirds of a feather ock togetherquot selection 0 Peer in uence stronger fro day to day preferences than for risky behaviors that worry parents How stable are friendships over time 0 Moderate stability 0 More stable during later years of high school 0 Actual composition of teens cliques may shift de ning characteristics of the clique however do not Determinants of pouarity and rejection 0 Popular adolescents are more socially skilled than unpopular peers 0 However a lot of variability among popular teenagers in other characteristics Two forms of pouarity o Sociometic popularity refers to how e liked someone is o Perceived popularity refers to how status or prestige someone has


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