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Ch. 5/6 Notes

by: Clara Kerrone

Ch. 5/6 Notes MKTG 468

Clara Kerrone
GPA 3.3
Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas

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About this Document

Public Policy and Marketing
Ioannis Kareklas
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clara Kerrone on Sunday February 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKTG 468 at Washington State University taught by Ioannis Kareklas in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.


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Date Created: 02/22/15
Ch Envi Thursda 143 PM 5 Mapping the Internal and External ro y February 12 2015 Choosing a Social Issue What social issue is this plan intended to contribute to Typical areas include 0 Health 0 Safety 0 Environment 0 Community involvement Steps 1 Describe the plan background purpose and focus a Background identify the social issue the plan will be addressing and facts that have led to the development of this plan i Gives a lot of details about the problem Could be historical in nature the severity contributing factors etc Purpose what is the potential impact of a successful campaign And what difference will it make Focus narrow the scope of the plan to an option that will contribute to the plans purpose but provides some focus for this speci c plan i Choosing a focus evaluate potential approaches based on 1 behavior change potential Market supply Organizational match the mission culture and expertise Funding sources and appeal some issues are naturally issue to raise money on then others Grants can be available like for obesity research for example Impact on the social issue 1 2 1 1 1 The marketing environment a Perform a SWOT analysis 3 E the rial 55quot F39IIIIIII 39 quot 39 y 3quot a f xx l 1 lt r lquot FquotrllIIllLaial Iquot l leiuiial 39 F I H i l1 quotl i F 39r f w I i Fiv In39res If a 3 3 x 39 xx m1 quot r i P L J I39 I 39 I Fair 1 quotI a v 1 Pt39limll Mil 39 39v Unill r 1 I f 39 ft u39n H r a 39 quotI N f 39 x a 39 39 139 v39f I lF rr39u39liuquotl I F iil 1 VII quot 39IL A fr 11 lJV r I J quot V f 7 391 Ir urn n i u i Ema mm imhuw HI 1 39 Target il I39JMLlllal lr IlF l ll39l I Tvnlmlalngaiscil Fu39u if a I quot quotQquot i 39 39 i 4 39ui Purim15 39 s Pdlll l l s f z A Udlcn c ll quotW L f if 394 gr 1 re 7 ll FL ea ll Pld f l ill 3 II it Ii 39 r aquot a r M quot3 quotquot r39 quot TVquot I l 1 Il39hl r i Ell I 5 quot i 9quot 39 iPul nlI s 139 E Pr l1 my 5 Ifquot 77 z I k I r j Hr V 39 quot I E RHIMJC OC39 Vl39l39ljlllhcn lff 39 39 39 in quot 39 gt 3 Naiuml I I39 DaiITIWJiugrhb 39 Friquotvs l l Ixr ms 39 f Kquot quotwh i X quotFaHG Ma CV01 n1 mammal quotf Mgwrc 5 Li 1 u39 mll E m 1s l1l1tlt39lliillq 0 ur Illill39p c MAn39kLt Ilml 1 uun39 Ilquot139u ri39l l Microenvironment internal factors 0 Strengths and weakness of the org 0 Make it easy or hard for an org to be successful 0 Resourcegt amount of funding time o Managerial support do the managers support this plan 0 Issue priority is this a really big deal to them How many other issues are they focused on 0 Internal publics 0 0 Current alliances and partners 0 Does deal with some external things The companies and partners that you have 0 Past performance 0 Have you dealt with this problem before How did you do were you successful lf failed in past may not have as much access to funding Macro environment external factors Opportunities and threats in the outside Describes various forces that could affect the target market and things the org has no control over 0 Cultural forces cultural values will affect how easy it is to work changing trends and lifestyles preferences etc Society39s attitude toward exercising recycling guns etc o Technological forces do new techs come out that make it easier for you to reach your target audience Social networking make it extremely easy to get your message across to millions of consumers 0 Demographic forces trends in population characteristics A change in any of the demographic factors Hispanics and other minority groups are increasing very fast and it is changing the makeup of our country Household composition is changing more single parents than ever less jobs 0 Natural forces we have zero control over this 0 Economic forces the amount of money that people spend today has less to do with their actual income and more to do with their future expectations of their nancial stability Politicallegal forces 0 External Publics Groups outside the organization that they are not partners or alliances with but could still target and affect your target audience Ex all the controversy about vaccine39s right now Ethical considerations How do you address potential concerns that your plan isn39t addressing all areas of focus Say you39re dealing with an anti drinking and driving campaign You come up with several solutions or focus speci cally on the most dangerous demographic How you focus affects the way you deal with the problem Something may be successful with one way and not with another One way to address this concern rank order the areas of focus and then decide what the campaign will deal with for a certain amount of timemoney After you have ful lled that move on to the next most important focus and so on


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