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HY 120 week 14

by: Jada Beckham

HY 120 week 14 HY 120

Jada Beckham

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About this Document

These notes cover the anti-slavery movement, the election of 1824, 1828, & 1832 and etc.
The United States To 1877
Pamela S. King
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jada Beckham on Thursday April 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 120 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Pamela S. King in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see The United States To 1877 in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 04/21/16
HY 120 4/14/16 Anti-slavery Movement (continued)  Evolves overtime  During this period no one knows how to solve anything  Missouri Compromise 1819 o Missouri applies for state hood o Missouri has a lot of slavery so it wants to be a slave state o Southerners will be more in power than northern states o Shifts balance of power between the northern and southern states o Main come in as a free state  1819-1860 Americans trying to solve slavery without actually solve it o 1860-slavery explodes into civil war  American anti-slavery society o Mostly whites o Benjamin Lyndy says yes we need to gradually get rid of slavery & want to compensate slave owners Politically  Middle of political revolution Elections  1824-Andrew Jackson vs. Quincy Adams—Adams WINS  1828-same election—Andrew Jackson WINS  1832-Andrew Jackson wins again  Andrew Jackson was a WAR HERO o Killed British and Indians o Hates elite aristocrats  John Quincy Adams-elite (old revolutionary crowd)  By 1824 most states dropped qualifications for voting o White men, property owners dropped & now poor people can vote o Whoever appears to poor people (men) will win election Election of 1824  Andrew Jackson “redneck” represents common people  Most of his votes went to the white house  Henry clay votes for J.Q Adams & he makes Clay secretary of state  ADAMS WINS this election  Andrew Jackson says the elite stole his election & calls it a “Corrupt Bargain” and sides with the poor Election of 1828  Jackson runs against J.Q. Adams again  Jackson WINS  Andrew Jackson is a strong nationalist & wants strong CENTRAL GOVT. o From Tennessee & owns slaves o Big states right activist 1 issue  Jackson comes back with “Nullification”-taxes/tariffs  New England/industrialists wanted protective tariffs o Not good for consumers o Very regional conflict o North wants it o South hates it, they see it as an opportunity for the north to make them powerless o Jackson passes Bill of Rights (Congress)  1828-Tariff of Abomination o Triggers John C. Calhoun to write Exposition & Protest  Calhoun is exposing the Abomination o Encourages the state legislatures to protest the tariffs  Nullification-supreme court always win  1832-Jackson reformed tariffs & brought some of the taxes down  Passes the FORCE ACT o If you do not abide by the federal laws, we will arrest you nd 2 issue  Indian Removal- forcing Indians off U.S land  Status of Native Americans o Citizens? o Not settled until 1920’s  1820’s-Native Americans had lost 200 million acres of land that U.S. stole  Policies became legitimized  Conflict about who is in charge of this? (Indian Removal) Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia (1831 & 1832)  Indian went to states or got to protect them, Georgia did (against federal govt.) Supreme Court sides with Indians and against govt Worchester vs. Georgia  Native Americans are tribes under federal govt.  Who gets that authority over Indians—supreme court  Indian Removal Policy strikes up  Trail of Tears-Indians chained, and forced to give up their land (Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina) 3 Issue  With Andrew Jackson  1819-Supreme Court ruled in McCullough vs Maryland o Maryland didn’t want to be taxed so they taxed the bank so heavily that it nullifies it o Supreme Court says in response YOU CAN’T DO THAT –pro bank decision  Andrew Jackson hates federal bank o Poor people (banks are destroying them) o Andrew Jackson refuses to recharter the U.S BANK o Puts in place the “PET” Banks  Local state banks Election of 1832—Jackson runs for his 2 term  Banks is the main issue-no empire, transportation if taken away  1832-major parties splintering  1860’s-third parties emerging  Jackson won election of 1832 Issues of slavery evolving around 1840’s  Nat Turner revolt-slave uprising occurs in Virginia o Nat Turner was slave in Virginia who believed that God has spoken to him and was telling that slavery was evil and he needed to put together a revolt to end it o Gov’t always tightens up on slavery-restrictions o 1830’s-40’s the incidents of violence against slaves is going to increase o Abolitionists & slavery activists sees morality  Southerner who tries to protect slaves also have morals beliefs of slavery  John C. Calhoun argues that slavery is a universal condition o Argues that the bible had slavery and is not immoral  George Fitzugh-says slavery is absolutely correct and moral (modern generation for younger people) o Refers to science and talks about the new science has proven that African Americans are inferior to whites o Points to scientific facts that whites brains are superior than Africans Americans brains  Abolitionists says slavery is immoral and is hurting the economy


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