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DIET 200 Exam 3

by: Rebecca Istre

DIET 200 Exam 3 DIET 200

Rebecca Istre
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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About this Document

Outline for chapter 9
Basic Human Nutrition
Ashley Roberts
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Istre on Friday April 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to DIET 200 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette taught by Ashley Roberts in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.

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Date Created: 04/22/16
DIET 200 Exam 3 CH 9  Weight Loss Strategies o Behavior and attitude  Behavior modification o Have a positive, matter-of-fact attitude  Become aware of good and bad behaviors  Keep a record of foods (food diary)  Change behaviors  Start small  Set specific goals  Reward when goals are completed  Cognitive skills  Problem solving o Solve potential problems o List pros and cons o Possible setbacks  Cognitive restructuring  Replace negative thoughts  Personal attitude  Understand personal relationship with foods o Emotions and food  Support groups  Accountability  EX weightwatchers o Weight management  After a successful weight loss  Plateau at appropriate goal  Successful weight loss  Maintained same weight for one year  Without a formal program  Vigorous exercise regimens  Careful eating patterns  Frequent self-monitoring o Measuring food o Getting on scale  Changes in metabolism  Takes more work to prevent weight regain than to prevent weight gain  Preventing weight gain o Similar to losing weight  Start earlier  Underweight o Affects only 2% of U.S. adults  Weight gain may be difficult  Physical conditioning combined with high-energy intakes  Adaptive thermogenesis  Problems of underweight o Demand for high energy o Learn new habits and like new foods o Underweight vs anorexia nervosa  Weight gain strategies o Adequacy and balance o Energy-dense foods o Regular meals daily o Large portions o Extra snacks o Juice and milk o Exercise  Fad Diets o Outrageous claims  No requirements to prove claims  No requirements of credible research  Distorted research o Eliminates food groups o Fast results o Fail to produce lasting results o Disregards calories o Low energy intake o Lacks variety o Monotonous o Dietary supplements o Follow a strict plan o Not healthy over long periods of time  Fad Diet Appeal o Quick fix o Appeals to personal preference o Celebrity endorsements o Not time-consuming o Short-term  The Real Deal o Tip the energy balance equation to greater energy expenditure o Long-term lifestyle changes o Healthy plan  Flexibility and variety


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