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PHY 101

by: Gabriel Iriza

PHY 101 PHY 101

Gabriel Iriza
GPA 3.6
College Physics 1
Joshua Cohn

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About this Document

Notes taken straight from the textbook on Chapter 6 which focuses on frictional forces, tension, and circular motion.
College Physics 1
Joshua Cohn
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriel Iriza on Monday February 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 101 at University of Miami taught by Joshua Cohn in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see College Physics 1 in Art at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/23/15
397 39l s 39 i 39 7 w x f r1 r rm Hg 1 ad Jm 1 fr dentin Z quot F39 C L Fr 1quot J I i a x TIquot 13111 l c Jnirhif 1 F t39 l 4 quot 1m 3amp403961l J39hg ma 9n1 Ur 16 2 x 1 11 r 7quot 1N 39AMIM 96 V305mal 5 3 139 A Tquot 5 AK i ZMJ h m pfr jjvaJ l Lifiil a CELLIL 394 rIC IVL i39i fu bn RN 1 thmb 5 11 W mumm rquot r f 7 m A r W 1 f j 139 l Ll i Jim 397 fl 5 Fr L quoti il lrj nil 39 Fi quot ivr h f l39 I 3 quot I39 39 JT39I39W39 haw f fn mlqhiil39tuf HEW H quotquot4 i J 1 J iquot ii inf J I quot in H lifngwawf 3 11quot If i lg h Ij i quotJ if g 5 h Equot l I r A 39 j I J W m 39 I f 74 v quot139JquotF PIHI V farquot I r f my VivJr 1 a WK flay Dnjf anf39oF r r Momme helm quotquot 5 T f I39c Em ham F s i F F g 4FC an 6 Clch war quotaquot main we elbow j i I ies a Wu ab Sfa h c fr c HO 0 r the EM h mL g 39dl m bcw 4w JwFacgJ hat WK Pumamag prow rcu Scanned by CamScanner l Pr 0007 W my valvz bemm geroard 1 5 mm mw 7 Fumble warfjWr c LEANInf W314 6 5 2739 I MW inf45m arm opmrlqcr D Ll prodd 0 In Jaw act741 ch 1 We dim We 7quotth Onpcuo aim when U 1quot 9 5 509 and Saw 1095 Hc njg de WHO m 051 6 9 are asstWm mi55 301139010 hmugh9u f7 fw rlgs and yogie Q r F bans 1mg mam new WW9 PomF5 f k 5 nc Force mnr h 5p g mn v nt L U ih N NWI The lar9hlt Mm K m 5I399 w4hew w 12 aux H0010 395 Law quotquot a Kx f 5K YOQSM39Me 0017 39 x4quot d7j50 by 0 MHVWI gtfr39bm39LM 0 WV 393 Cf Ffjf c S gf ZF if Q I F7p Transmh39mal Qumbmm ormcc fdow W 22 Scanned by CamScanner e F 39 l 1 933919 F W T39VL 5K OM71 manu msm 6rd I ram bod d Kayo don 7 Ma mc mE m Forces OWwa 5 600 7 0 50 v6 Po F M e I gmd WGI 0 5 POK rand add 4476 1 WA 7 ImaKL CM Objcc r mow m q mardig wfanf 1 pad 1 Cone W s5 be quhmjam PHn1 drrrcfvi Ward 56 W m 0F 141 f rd n39 CYJacptW W0 391 f5 m1m Mf p oa 61391quot I f 14215 icmhpw s f i a Av Scanned by CamScanner


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