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Health notes for the week of 4/18-4/22

by: Cassie Ferree

Health notes for the week of 4/18-4/22 HEA 102-010

Marketplace > Kutztown University of Pennsylvania > Health Sciences > HEA 102-010 > Health notes for the week of 4 18 4 22
Cassie Ferree
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

These are all the notes we covered this week. Our final exam is not cumulative it will only be on the information we've learned after our third exam.
Intro to Health/Wellness
Dina Hayduk
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassie Ferree on Friday April 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HEA 102-010 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Dina Hayduk in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see Intro to Health/Wellness in Health Sciences at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 04/22/16
April 18, 2016 – April 22, 2016 How do you (personally) define spirituality? - I personally define it has having a deep connection to something or someone that makes you feel at ease How do you (personally) define religion? - I define religion as a belief in a bigger being than yourself and you form your values and morals around it How does your class define spirituality? - Connectedness to something, some place, or someone - Being one with something - Strong belief - Sense of calmness - Sense of mind *spirituality and religion are not the same, but for many people are interrelated. Many different ways they can be interrelated. Spirituality is a health dimension but religion is not. Spirituality – moving toward great authenticity or “spirituality is a journey toward wholeness”, developing an “attitude of gratitude”. (Official definition on pg 69 of health book) Spirituality assumptions - Connection – to something outside of self (Ex: god, higher power, “life force”) self, others, nature, and the interconnection of everything; wholeness OR to self - Inner peace – gives your brain a chance to relax *generally spirituality experiences happen by surprise How does your class define religion? - Belief in higher source of power - Belief and following a higher power - Movement to worship divine being - Set of beliefs - Way of life - Personal beliefs - Organized group of people with similar beliefs Religion – an organized community of faith, have an official creed (Determined by those in power to do so) Religion provide: - Myth, symbol, sacred story that tell ultimate truth through story, metaphor, or art - Ritual and ceremony that celebrates in community some of life’s most important transitions - Guidelines on how to live a spiritual life Why is spirituality a dimension of health? - Stress reliever - Lower blood pressure - Integrates different aspects of the human experience - Potential for shared community - Less cardiovascular disease - Less depression - Less anxiety - Enhanced immune function - Longer life Paper Activity (dark blue) - Inner peace - Connectedness - Higher power - Faith - Fellowship - Less anxiety - Community - Stress relief - God - Organized Poem (extra credit) Inner peace gives me less anxiety, The connectedness with a higher power gives me a faith The organized community effort gives me stress relief *bonus opportunity – bring poem back Wednesday and have color of group Spirituality is NOT: - An escape from reality Unmanaged Stress Hormone Negatively Impact: - Compromised immune system - Our ability to burn fat - Our cardiovascular system (blood thickening) - Wounds are slower to heal - Our gastronomical system - Our moods Stress and the College student (common symptoms of stress overload) - Sense of anxiety - Sleeping difficulties - Short temper - Headaches or dizziness - Recurring colds or minor illnesses - Inability to concentrate Humor vs. Comedy - Comedy – coming from outside, could be power-play (put someone down to make them feel better), jokes - Humor – coming from within, what we find funny, based on experiences Does laughter enhance health? Studies have suggested: yes - Stressed people become less depressed with humor - Students who use humor as a coping mechanism experience positive mood - Jokes, especially shard, increase social cohesion - Enhanced the immune system - Increases Tcell count Physical Health Benefits - Boots immunity T cells and B cells - Lowers stress hormones - Decrease pain - Relaxes your muscles Mental Health Benefits - Adds joy and zest to life - Eases anxiety and fear - Relieve stress - Improves mood - Enhances resilience - Increases endorphins Social Benefits - Strengthens relationships - Attract others to us - Enhances teamwork - Helps defuse conflict - Promotes group bonding How do you lighten up? - Smile - When you hear laughter, move toward it - Bring humor into conversations - Be more spontaneous - Tongue twisters Ask yourself: - Is it really worth getting upset over? - Is it worth upsetting others? - Is it that important? - Is it that bad? - Is the situation irreparable? - Is it really your problem? Normal Eating Disordered Eating Eating Disorders What is normal eating? - Eating 2-3 meals a day - Balanced diet - Portion control - Eating when you’re hungry/ stopping when you’re full Eating Disorders - Men have eating disorders too but they aren’t diagnosed as quickly as women because they don’t realize men can have them too 1. Anorexia nervosa a. Restrict food – unhealthy diet b. Fear of being fat c. Obsess over food but don’t indulge in it d. Distorted body image e. Use “picky eating” as a defense mechanism f. Can be very defensive when confronted about it, could lead to isolation because they don’t want to deal with people asking about it g. Women lack to go through menstruation and imbalance of hormones (estrogen) h. Loss of bone mass, they can have bones of 60 year olds 2. Bulimia nervosa a. Purging (excessive exercise, vomiting, and laxatives)/ unhealthy way of getting rid of calories and food b. Binge-eating c. Can be restrictive/normal eating that leads to a binge (typically food that they wouldn’t eat when restricting, ex: ice cream, cake, candy) that leads to guilt that leads to purging and start the cycle over again d. Distorted body image e. Typically of a normal weight 3. Binge eating disorder a. Excessively eat too much when not hungry b. Eat till point they are uncomfortable c. Unhealthy eating d. Eating rapidly e. Not in front of people, secretive f. Can be caused by stress g. Can be overfat 4. Muscle dysmorphia a. Feel they aren’t “big” enough b. Exercise excessively c. Never satisfied d. Distorted body image 5. Orthorexia 6. EDNOS: Eating disorders not otherwise specified


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