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Week of 04/18 Notes

by: Alexis Reynolds

Week of 04/18 Notes HIST 1200 (History, Angela Bell, Survey of American History Since 1865)

Alexis Reynolds

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About this Document

Notes cover Monday's lecture and side notes of Wednesday's film
Survey of American History Since 1865
Steven Watts
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Reynolds on Friday April 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1200 (History, Angela Bell, Survey of American History Since 1865) at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Steven Watts in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Survey of American History Since 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.

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Date Created: 04/22/16
Age of Rebellion 1: The Civil Rights and Women’s Movements I: Black Equality II: Black Radicalism III: The Women’s Movement Terms Peace Corps Freedom Rides Nuclear Test Ban Malcolm X Jim Crow Laws “Black Power” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Long Hot Summers” Brown v. Board of Education Black Panthers Montgomery Bus Boycott Betty Friedan, The Feminine March on Washington Mystique Feminism  Early ‘60’s sense of uneasiness with consumer abundance suburban lifestyle  Election of John F. Kennedy o Movie star handsome o Wife and two kids o Followed by idealist politicians o “Breath of fresh air” in politics o Appeals to undermine business o Sacrifice as American people o Puts Peace Corp into place  Government  Young people give assistance to people o Kennedy signed Nuclear Test Ban Treaty  Peaceful direction  Lower terror level  From breath of fresh air to raging hurricane  Tip off was Kennedy’s assassination (1963) o Political trip in Texas  Killer gunned down by another gunman  Assassination signaled that something basic changed  After, saw age of rebellion o Tremendous divisions o Haven’t seen since Civil War  Involved: o Civil Rights Movement o Women’s Right Movement I: Black Equality  Modern civil rights movement began in World War II  World War II: o Wide spread military service by African Americans o Wide spread employment of African Americans in work force, women in factories during war o Ideology issue, African Americans war against fashion was a war against racism  Took Hitler seriously  Hit home o After war (in south) was a growing discontent and anger of Jim Crow Laws  Created apartied  Massive system of discrimination  Schools, restaurants, public facilities African American were second class  Voting in south o Legal provisions to discourage or keep African Americans from voting o Literacy test  Early/mid ‘50’s modern civil rights movement  Tear down Jim Crow  Led by /assisted by allies in North  Two goals o Equal rights under the law o Integration into mainstream American life  Spokesmen/leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. o From north, well educated o Preaches in South o Involved in Civil Rights Movement o Elegant speaker o Strongly religious flavor o Tactic  Disciple of non-violence, inspired by Gandhi  Civil disobedience, refuse to go with Jim Crow Laws  Marchs, sit-ins  Supreme court decision o 1954, Brown v Board of Education  Challenged to Jim Crow  Separate but equal doctrine allowed separate facilities  Unanimously decided that separated but equal was unconstitutional  Decision of court became the president that other cases uses against inequality  1955, Montgomery Bus Boycott o Discrenitory o Line drawn on floor o African Americans had to sit in back, behind line o Rosa Parks, sit in front, refuses to get up  Start of boycott o Moves against Montgomery government o After year, erased yellow lines, freedom to sit anywhere  1961-62, Freedom Rides o Black and white civil advocated ride city to city against segregation o Extreme white southern acted badly o Buses bombed, riders shot at/shot, beaten up  August 1963, March on Washington o NAACP, King organized o Enormous gathering of civil rights activist o Huge protest o “I Have a Dream” speech delivered o 300,00-400,000 people attended o Led to big achievement of Civil Rights Act (1964) pushed by Linden Johnson  Out law discrimination based on race  Promise/carry through on withholding federal money that practiced discrimination II: Black Radicalism  Mid ‘60’s, young African Americans grown impatience with non- violence, slow pace of change  Malcolm X o Young intellect o Originally Muslim o Critic of King, non-violence o “The forse on Washington”  Circus that was scripted by Hollywood o Instead of integration, spoke about black separatism o Talk about poverty and Black Power  Stokely Carmichael o Activist o Went on TV and spoke his mind  Long Hot Summers o Explosion of black communities in North o Watts area of Los Angeles  Rioting  34 people killed  100’s injured  100 million of damage  Dozens African Americans chanted “burn baby burn” o Rioting in Detroit  Mayor of Detroit (first black mayor) flew over Detroit and hadn’t seen anything like that sense World War II  Black Panther Party o Set proclaimed revolutionaries o “Justice with power comes out the barrel of a gun” – slogan o Black separatism o Suggest race relations were tense III: The Women’s Movement  Movement of equality rights  Women were greatest victims of asphyxiation  Economics o Close to 50% of women are working  Maintain consumer lifestyle o Equal pay, opportunity, etc.  Divorce o Rate rose steeply o ‘60’s – 40% o Change in American family  Birth Control Pill o Created in 1950’s o Women felt less pressured to get married o Putting off getting married  The Feminine Mystique o Published 1963 o Open cannon shot o Critized middle class women, been imprisoned in home and cut off from the world  Feminism o Short hand of equal rights of women  Radical  Young women frustrated moved in radical way o Liberation instead of rights o Female pride, sisterhood o Men being the enemy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … An Amazing Grace  Civil Rights Movement (‘50’s-‘60’s)  Focused on Dr. King  Flashbacks = beginning  Emphasis on Freedom Rides and people resistance to Jim Crow Laws


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