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Week 15 notes

by: Johnson Womack

Week 15 notes HIST 222

Johnson Womack
GPA 3.08

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About this Document

These notes talk about Richard Nixon and his policies and how the Vietnam war affected America and other nations
History of the United States, 1877 to Present
Dr. Julie Reed
Class Notes
War, Nixon, Protestors, Riots, International
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Johnson Womack on Friday April 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 222 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Dr. Julie Reed in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see History of the United States, 1877 to Present in History at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 04/22/16
1968 “Year of the Gun?” and beyond As Vietnam continued to play out, there were those who have continued to play out.  Resistance has continued. Resistance was shown through immolation, burning ones self up, in Vietnam. This was  being shown to US citizens over time. Soldiers were coming back and being treated  poorly th January 30 ,1968: Tet offensive. Coincided with the Vietnamese New Year. 36 of 44  provincial capitals struck including Saigon. If the US was winning, it wouldn’t be a big  deal, but the US wasn’t and this was a failure. Military pushed for increased involvement. It did show their technological military superiority. General Wes Moreland requested 2,404 troops for this. This was a Psychological and PR blow than a military blow. 1968 Election ­ Lyndon B. Johnson was facing challenges from Eugene McCarthy & Robert  Kennedy. ­ On March 31 , 1968, he stopped the bombings in Vietnam, which opened the  doors to a new relationship. ­ Johnson described his run as though he were “hiking in a snowstorm”, as a reason for his with drawl from the presidential race. Assassinations ­ JFK 1963 ­ Malcolm X­ 1965 ­ Martin Luther King, Jr.­April 4, 1968 ­ Robert Kennedy­June 5, 1968 Humphrey and the Convention ­ August 26­29, 1968 ­ Democratic Infighting ­ Protests ­ August 28 ­ Nixon v. Humphrey o The election was closer to what Humphrey. They liked Wallace and didn’t want to vote for anyone who would be considered a radical. Nixon  appealed that he had a secret plan. o We can’t just pay attention to the domestic front, but also a moment of  dissent, young people and other social action groups who are speaking out  against questions of justice Red Spring All students and workers from these places are protesting. The Vietnam War is one issue  that connects them as well as corporations. ­ Italy ­ Berlin ­ Paris: Students showed their discontent of the Vietnam war in the first days of  May. Students fought police in the Paris streets. Most people in Paris supported  the students. ­ Czechoslovakia: Alexander Dubček brought in round reforms and the “Prague  spring”, a take on the Red Spring, which was seen as a blossom of democracy.  There was a push for more democratic policies. ­ University Students in Poland resented the government there as well. ­ Helsinki Demonstration is one popular one. ­ Spain: There were concerns about political leaders o The governments were hindered. ­ Poland: Students protested for the stifling of political dissent. People were being  silenced for speaking out against the government. The Soviet Union feared losing control of their satellite “Sputnik” st August 21 , 1968 the 500,000 troops were sent to Warsaw packed nations were sent to  these Czechoslovakia protestors back into line.   Nixon ­ International  o Vietnamization o Nixon Doctrine: The US would help other countries fight wars with  weapons and money, but not with soldiers. o Cambodia secret war for no reason. ­ Domestic o Southern Strategy ­ Nixon didn’t have a plan. It was just to gain favor in the eyes of the country.  Watergate ­ Pentagon Papers ­ Plumbers o $400,000 bribe to keep them quiet until he was elected. ­ Cover­up o He coached his staff on what to say to the press. ­ Impeachment o He resigned before he was impeached ­ Ford o Pardoned Nixon and those who didn’t draft. Executive timeline ­ 1968­Nixon defeats Wallace and Humphrey ­ 1972­Nixon defeats McGovern ­ 1974­VP Agnew resigns, Gerald Ford appointed VP, Nixon resigns, Gerald Ford  appointed ascends to Presidency. ­ 1974­Ford defeats Reagan for Republican nomination. ­ 1976­Jimmy Carter elected President. ­ 1980­Reagan elected President. ­ 1984­Reagan re­elected President.


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