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OBHR- Start Analyzing the case

by: Emily McIlhattan

OBHR- Start Analyzing the case OBHR 330

Marketplace > Purdue University > OBHR 330 > OBHR Start Analyzing the case
Emily McIlhattan
GPA 3.72
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
Christine L. Jackson

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About this Document

This lecture talks about what to think about when you are going about the Water for Good Project
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
Christine L. Jackson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily McIlhattan on Tuesday February 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to OBHR 330 at Purdue University taught by Christine L. Jackson in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 97 views.


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Date Created: 02/24/15
OBHR 330 Current Lecture Over view of Everest Simulation Prep with videos Goal get to the top of the mountain without being rescued or dying you have 6 days to reach summit takes 152hrs Managing a Global Case Off the HBR Case ldentify key facts looking for patterns and reoccurring issues Formulate a problem statement that identi es general OB challenges that impact either performance or commitment ANALYZE case facts about course concepts and media ldentify alternative courses of action Pros and Cons Choose nal solution Pros and Cons Purpose of this Case to learn about challenges of globally distributed teams across distance time zones and national and work culture differences Understand the interpersonal dynamics of diverse teams that primarily communicate via mediating technology To devise solutions to foster productive team interactions Background Tension between teams interpersonal con ict within the team Praveen and Nick 0 Miscommunication it is symptom Lack of understanding of cultural values 0 Status differences 0 Assignment of tasks sends signals 0 Greg James 0 Competent high potential employee 0 Created and manages a 45member team spread across four countnes Limited face time Asynchronous communication Diverse in everything time zone culture size geographic location High interdependence how frequently do they need to interact and how is that the right mode of communication the use audio not visual Little overlap between teams in terms of work hours Performance problem Fingerpointing o Barriers in communication between teams queuing system tension Coordination issues 0 Teams used wrong protocol 0 Communication Weekly conference calls could possibly do independent teams calls 0 What went wrong 0 Due to what use relative course concepts use concepts related to general OB concepts then go to speci c in analysis Placetime model see PowerPoint not in textbook 0 Advantages and disadvantages Social Categorization people distinguish themselves from others by creating ingroupoutgroup categories us vs them rather than we 0 lngroup members view other ingroup members as more alike and favorably as opposed to outgroup members 0 Undermines ability to entire team to work as a cohesive unit 0 Trust huge a willingness to be vulnerable to a party based on positive expectations about the party s actions and intentions o Trustworthiness competence benevolence do they care about each other or is it driven by self interest integrity character as humans we always go to the negative Create opportunities to build these values 00 O


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