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HY 120 week 14

by: Jada Beckham

HY 120 week 14 HY 120

Jada Beckham

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About this Document

These notes cover issues around slavery cont'd
The United States To 1877
Pamela S. King
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jada Beckham on Friday April 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 120 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Pamela S. King in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see The United States To 1877 in History at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Date Created: 04/22/16
HY 120 4/19/16 Issues around Slavery cont’d  Slavery until the 50’s had been about politics o Which section of the country is going to run things (southern states who are wild around or the non-slave states who want to industrialize  By the 1850’s the issue of slavery took on a different dementia o Was it moral or not  1840’s-1860’s no one knows that this will end up in Civil War  1850 the old Whig party collapse and a new party takes the place of the Whig party o Whig party is the party of the REFORM that was in the mix of temperance, women’s rights and abolitionism o The new party is called the “Republican party”  Is going to be party of reform  And all the movements of reform comes from the republican party o The democratic party is left with ultraconservative-no change o Republican=north, west o Democratic=south o Politics becomes regionalized and polarized o Northerners is not going to talk to southerners  Andrew Jackson is elected in 1828 and 1832  Politicians must court the votes for white men  1836 Jackson vice Martin Van Buren- ladies’ man, red fox, runs for pres. And wins o Runs again but against the old war hero William Henry Harrison o Harrison dies then John Tyler becomes pres. o All of these men were expansionistic, very ambitious  1836 comes the conflict over Texas o Texas at this point was a part of Mexico and Americans wants everything Mexico got o Americans believe God wants us to have their territory because Americans believe their moral righteous o Americans encourage to expand into the Texas part of Mexico  1836 Battle of Jacinto o Texas emerges free and white Americans wants state hood o Issue of slavery and the question is should it be free or stay  1844 presidential election-the main issue is expansion  Mid 1840’s third parties splinters the big one is the Liberty Party o Worried about free white men hitting run over by slave interest o From their point of view, liberty is about the ability of poorer white people able to be a part of these big powerful slave interest  Solution to this is DON’T ALLOW SLAVERY IN THESE NEW TERRITORES  Worried they will compete and lose their territory  1846 continued fighting of the Mexicans erupts into the Mexican War o In war with Mexico and we won (U.S) o The war is concluded with a treaty called the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo o U.S. wins and walk with all of Texas (Mexico) territory which later include Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California o California is the main economic power o Once the U.S. gets this new territory, the question now is it going to be a slave state or free states o California applies for state hood  In the election of 1848 the issue is whether or not to prohibit slavery in these new territories o Northerners wants it prohibited and capitalist, wants to industrialize o They don’t want to keep expanding slavery and agriculture and feels that’s a drag on the economy o Poor white people also don’t want to expand  Free Soil Party- their motto is “free soil, free speech, free labor, free men (white men)”  California wants to come in as a free state o 1849 Gold Rush occurs in California during this period o Triggers a big Compromise of 1850- o Texas becomes a slave state o The fugitive slave laws strengthens-slave states likes this  Tightens up on runaway slaves and makes it a federal crime if you help slaves out of the south o Suppress the slave trade in Washington D.C.  1852 Fugitive Slave Act- federal law passes (southerners likes this again) o Illegal to assist a slave and illegal forged a slave to be gone o Triggers another event called the writing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe ( a very controversial book)  Uncle Tom is a slave and the whole book is mainly about how Uncle Tom says “you may can take my body but you can’t take my soul or control it”  Uncle Tom is a Jesus Christ figure  Harriet Beecher Stowe is aiming the book at fellow northerner Christians who always complaining about slavery but doesn’t do anything about it  She thinks Christianity is more powerful than slavery  Believes that northerner are worst than racist and says their hypocrites  1852 railroads (key ingredient in creating an industrial country) pushes west to the west coast but in order to do that, you got to have the U.S. in charge of the territories between where the railroads stopped back east to where it’s going out west o Railroads need to go through territories not states (not states yet) and the territories are Kansas & Nebraska and the same question is are they going to be slave or free o Starts war in Kansas called “Bleeding Kansas”—Kansas is next to Missouri which is a slave state and southern Kansas has a lot of slaves there too. So when the federal govt. raises the question to Kansas (slave state or free state) they tell the people in Kansas and Nebraska to go to the polls and choose o This is going to destroy the Whig Party and allows the republican party to recreate the old Whig Party called the Nativist Party—Pro white  Wants the country to be nothing but white Protestants  The official name of the Nativist Party is the American Party (nickname)  By 1856 the Republican Party has formed and it is the party of reform including: women’s rights, abolitionists etc.  The democratic party is the party of southerners  1857 the Supreme Court rules a landmark decision called Dred Scott decision o Dred Scott was a slave from Kentucky and wanted his freedom. His slave owner also wanted him to have his freedom o They end going to a free state together, and believed once Dred Scott stepped foot into a free state, he’s free o Southerners disagreed and did not care where he went. Southerners says you’re not free until I say so o This situation ends up in the Supreme Court, and rules that Dred Scott is wrong o The Supreme Court of the U.S. said “a slave is a slave no matter where he is and even if he is free, free African Americans will never be first class citizens”  1859 comes John Brown rage in Virginia  The most famous southerner who has been against abolitionist is a William Yancy from Alabama o Says if Abraham Lincoln ever gets elected the South will have to go  1860 Abraham is elected o South Carolina then succeeds  New Confederate govt is formed and elected a pres. Jefferson Davis from Mississippi o Once the confederacy is formed in Montogomery, Virginia succeeds, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas o Then the capital moves from Montogomery to Richmond  Abraham Lincoln tries to makes sure that the Border States doesn’t succeeds


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