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Lecture notes for week of 2/16-2/20

by: Katie DeRose

Lecture notes for week of 2/16-2/20 CS:1110:0AAA

Marketplace > University of Iowa > CS:1110:0AAA > Lecture notes for week of 2 16 2 20
Katie DeRose
GPA 3.4
Introduction to Computer Science
Denise Szecsei

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About this Document

Introduction to Computer Science
Denise Szecsei
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie DeRose on Tuesday February 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS:1110:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Denise Szecsei in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 137 views.

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Date Created: 02/24/15
I Lecture 217 A Remember for lab test must write the algorithmnotes before writing code B Chapter 4 1 intro a computing agents 2 binary numbering system a representation of numeric and textual info 1 two types of info representation a extema l representation b interna l representation b base 2 positional numbering system c binary has two symbols 01 1 you can get a value of three but it will only be represented through these two symbols 2 reset after 1 a 0 b 1time to reset c 10 d 11tim e to reset e 100 f 101 g 110 h 11 1ti me to reset i 1000 d in circuit degredation binary is better because haVing more symbols like base 10 can get confusing and have a gray area with this its either on or off e its reliable know for midterm fill in blank 3 base 10 a numbers before you have to reset 0123456789 b 1234 1 1thousand a base cubed position 2 2 hundreds a base squared position 3 3tens a base position 4 4 ones a base 0 power position C not as reliable but requires less coding for same function 4 Binary to decimal algorithm a Base Ten to Base Two 1 l37ten to Base Two 21 l lii i l 2 sixth eigth four two ones places b stop when the place when the left place is the highest power of 2 that is less than your number 137 i s tarting backward is actually not a good idea from computer science perspective ii 37 1289 iii 81 iv 10 V 10 O 010 O lnow is in base two 5 decimal to binary a same thing backward b 10 O 010 O ltwo to base ten 1 E E 64 2 Sixth eigth four two ones 2 12881137where the 1 s are C another example 101110101 1 25664321641 6 add notes 7 II Lecture 219 A Binary Representation of Numeric and Textual Info 1 changing symbols doesn t change the quantity a in base ten 213 b in base two 10111 1 always borrow and carry over clumps of the base 2 long addition in base two a 101 11 1010 10100 gt for the red 110 carry the 1 2 to convert a decimal value into its binary equivalent a use the decimal to binary algorithm 3 Maximum number of binary digits that can be used to store an integer 1632 or 64 bits a 1byte8bits 1 lets say we want every number to be represented by 8 bits a so we have the number 0 represent it 00000000 2 lets say we want every number to be represented by 2 bits a 000 101 210 3114uh ohcan t b 4 bits can only code from 0 15 151111 4 Arithmetic over ow a operation that produces an unsigned value greater than 65535 b long addition for 3bit coding 1 110 1 1 1 1101 on paper this can carry overin a device it would not be able to 5 Signed Numbersstandard a sign magnitude notation 1 one of a number of different techniques for representing positive and negative whole numbers 2 not used often in real computer systems gtkon midterm limit self to 4bits for this gtkon homework use 8 3 4 Asignp0sneg of the number is in left space right three bits are the magnitude represented in base 2 5 Opositive 1negative 6 example represent positive 3 UgtQQll 8 represent negative 3 91911 10 represent 0 a O O O O b 1 O O O c 1 O 1 1 gtkaain aw with sign magnitude notation is that O has too many encodings inconsistent b two s complement representation 1 total number of values that can be represented with 11 bits is 2n 2 gt limit to 4 bits system to keep it simple 3 if it is positive use signmagnitude system 4 O O O O O gtWgets rid of problem with sign magnitude 5 coding negatives a 3 b first thing you do is code for positive 3 C O O 1 1 i gtkso what do i add to this to make four zeroes 0011OOOO remainder l on left endjust toss it 1 1 0 1 ii 1 101 has value of 13 in base 2 iii 1 101 has value of negative 3 in twos compliment iv 1 101 has value of 5 in sign magnitude 6 Fractional Numbers a Fractional numbers 1234 and 0001275 1 can be represented in binary by using signed integer techniques b scientific notation 1 MXB 2 M is the mantissa B is the eXponent baseusually 2 and E is the eXponent c Normalize the number 1 first significant digit is immediately to the right of the binary point 7 Textual Information a Code Mapping 1 assigning each printable letter or symbol in our alphabet a unique number b ASCII 1 international standard for representing textual information in the majority of computers 2 uses 8 bits to represent each character a if you have 8bits you can encode 2A8 things b 256 characters C UNICODE 1 uses a 16 bit representation for characters rather than the Shit format of ASCII 2 had american dictionary but other languages need different accents added letters 3 2A16th characters


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