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by: Khushboo Amarnani
Khushboo Amarnani
Social Psychology
Scott Thomson

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About this Document

Social Psychology
Scott Thomson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Khushboo Amarnani on Wednesday February 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to psy-p 304 at Indiana University taught by Scott Thomson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 02/25/15
Jan152015 William James Father of American Psychology Material Self Spiritual Self Private part of ourselves Our thoughts opinions values beliefs Social Self Roles that we occupy social occupational relationships that we ve had with other people ABC s of Psychology 0 Self concept How we think about ourselves COGNITION Totality of beliefs that an individual holds about him or herself Aka self knowledge Schemas Mental representations of things or people EventsScripts Going out to eat Mental representation of what should happen Order food pay for it eat it hosthostess menu seated drinks appetizers someone takes plate The way things are supposed to happen 0 Persons Grandmother Group members Stereotypes Self o O O O 0 Typically personality traits Eg Kind person funny person Could also be social identities Eg Student son daughter Primarily based on experience Nonexperiential Hopes fears Things we want to bedon t want to be Eg I want to be a surgeon I hope I m not a serial killer Lots of self schemas come together to make a self concept Totality of self schemas Working selfconcept Self schema that you are operating on Eg Right now you should be student not girlfriend Self schematic schemas Either very important to us andor we have a lot of experience with Self aschematic schemas Don t have a lot of experience with We think that we are very complicated individuals with various schemas Self concept Self perception others perception physical reality social comparison autobiographical memories Jan152015 Self perception theory Equivalence in conclusions You and some party will come to the same conclusions based on some observations Others perceptions Looking glass self Physical reality lam a girl 5 8 tall brown hair Social comparison theory Individuals tend to evaluate their own abilities by comparing themselves to others When do we engage in social comparison With whom do we compare ourselves 0 When we are uncertain of our own abilities When there is no objective way to assess your own abilities Eg You are a runner without stopwatch Upward social comparison Comparing with someone way better than you are Eg Drawing 101 student vs Picasso Downward social comparison Falsely make ourselves feel better Eg 5 year old niece drawing Autobiographical memory Signi cant events that have shaped our lives Eg Schema is I am helpful Memory of helping an old lady cross the road Problem They are biased o Selfreference effect Tendency to recall information better if it s about ourselvesrelevant to us Self relevance 30 Semantic properties 13 Phonemic properties 7 Structural properties 3 O 0 Self esteem How we feel about ourselves AFFECT 0 Self presentation How we behave around other people BEHAVIOR


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