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Pols-Y375 Week 6 Notes

by: M. Stevens

Pols-Y375 Week 6 Notes POLS-Y375

Marketplace > Political Science > POLS-Y375 > Pols Y375 Week 6 Notes
M. Stevens
GPA 3.6
War and International Conflict
Karen Rasler

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About this Document

War and International Conflict
Karen Rasler
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by M. Stevens on Wednesday February 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS-Y375 at a university taught by Karen Rasler in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 152 views.

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Date Created: 02/25/15
Week 6 Day 1 What Impacts did the end of the Cold War have Client states lose military and economic aid from superpowers 0 They have to rely on their own capacities to survive Insurgents nd new sources of foreign aid 0 Dia5pora5 ex Adghan johadistsradical Islamists nd help in Saudi Arabia in 19805 0 Refugee Camps ex Afghan jihadists Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan 19805 recruiting purposes 0 Neighboring States ex TalibanHaqqani network Pakistan links in 19905 and 20105 Consequence of the Absence of Superpower Intervention Emergence of fragile or failing states 0 Due to loss of superpower foreign aid esp military 0 These states have become weaker relative to rebels 0 Hence they have become vulnerable to internal war5 Fragile or Failing States Face Three De cits Security Unable to protect people or property Effectiveness Unable to provide basic services amp to build the economy Legitimacy Unable to extend civil rights and insure representation for everyone Absence of Superpower Intervention for Internal Con icts Weak states now confront weak rebels Symmetrical nonconventional wars emerge 0 States and rebels have similar military strength 0 Con ict resembles guerrilla war full scale battles avoided hit and run tactics o Governments rely increasingly on paramilitary units Target populations supporting the rebels Government isn t held responsible o Rebel amp Progovernment military units lack hierarchical organizations Horizontal lines of cooperation exist between ghting units Highly factionalized and operate separately from each other Military discipline is absent among armed units Tactics Onesided killing rape and theft of local assets including children soldering Goals Control territory and its resources Two Way Causal Relationship Failing States Internal War Political instability breeds con ict instability o Failing states that govern poorly encourage rebellions o Rebellions weaken state capacities and their economies o Failing states with internal con ict may invite terrorist bases 0 These states may become centers for arms and illegal drug trade Globalization Growing economic and social interconnectedness via communications transportation and internet How has Globalization fueled these new internal wars lt facilitated the sale of small arms and light weapons Encouraged the proliferation of new NGOs Green Peace WWF Doctors Without Borders etc o Engage in crowd funding Helping people but also allows rebel groups to get ahold of resources they wouldn t otherwise have accessto o Zamzam refugee camp gt200000 people Darfur 0 Kosovo refugees 1999 Macedonia border Globalization and lllicit Small Arms Trade Deregulation eased buying and selling of arms 0 Dealers travel with few restrictions 0 Banking innovations aid money laundering eg EBanking 0 Expansion of airlines cargo industry and shipping eased transport


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