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J 101 notes

by: Shannon Keener

J 101 notes geol 201

Shannon Keener

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About this Document

Into Pre-Journalism one week of notes
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shannon Keener on Wednesday February 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to geol 201 at University of Oregon taught by in Fall2014. Since its upload, it has received 38 views.

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Date Created: 02/25/15
j 101 01092013 t is a noun or pronoun that is either doing action or being descdbed A sentence MUST have a subject All you need for a complete sentence is a subject a verb an a complete thought Subjects are underlined below 0 My screamed i wonder why they screamed Those rollers appear to be too tight This picture may be from the 70 s There may be more than one subject in a sentence A noun or pronoun that is not the subject is an object Implied Subject is when the subject is not in the sentence Find the verb and see what is quotdoing itquot or what is describing it gives location or time quotbetween you and mequot quotunder the refrigeratorquot Action verbs indicate the subject is doing something Dance jump sleep scream nod speunk upchuck Linking verbs describe the condition of the subject These verbs which link the subject to something that provides more information an adjective another noun etc include all forms of quotto bequot verbs am is are was were and been as well as words such as appear feel look seem smell sound and taste Helping or Auxiliary Verb These additional verbs help provide a slightly different meaning or indicate the time something takes place Helping verbs always appear before the verb they work with Helping verbs am are is was were be been being can shall will could should would do does did hadhashave may might must Present beghw b e come bkwv freeze hurt seH gng nk U nk Past began bk came New froze hurt g d sang sank thought Past Participle begun b ten come bann ozen hurt g d sung sunk thought 10 Singular subjects take singular verbs and plural subjects take plural verbs 9 Collective nouns such as team class and family are usually singular When members of these units are not working together consider using members or players or whatever word describes the individuals within the group instead 8 Units of measurement such as six gallons of milk or three feet of lumber take singular verbs 7 Each is always singular Think of it as each one 6 A corporation company or organization is singular even if its name ends in s 5 When two subjects are joined by oror norand one subject is singular and the other is plural match the verb to the subject that is closest 4 Latinbased nouns ending in a such as media and data are plural 3 Fractions and words that express fractions such as part some or most can be singular or plural It all depends on whether the noun they refer to is singular or plural 2 The number of anything is always singular whereas a numberof anything is always plural 1 When someone is one of a larger group match the verb to the larger group If the subject is singular the verb must be singular too subject is underlined verb is bold o This dog rides without a helmet The motorcycle is registered to the dog If the subject is plural the verb must also be plural 0 Danny and Steve ride in the park 0 Most motorcycles are not registered to dogs When a subject has an s it is plural When a verb has an s it is singular Collective Noun Audience committee department group minority senate board company faculty herd pack society corporation cabinet family jury public team members Or and Nor you match the verb to the subject that is closest The two subjects are working separately Either each anyone everyone much one no one nothing and someone are singular Many both several few are plural Any some all most are sometimes singular and plural The numberis singular A numberis plural Pronouns Single nouns need single verbs and single pronouns Plural nouns need plural verbs and plural pronouns ex Lucky Eddie denies that Bojangles looks like him ex Duane and Fluffy got m sunglasses at Dress Like Your Dogcom ex Everyone wishes he or she could look this good after a day of Harley riding Everyone someone each neither and anyone are singular A pronoun is either a subject nominative case object or possessive ex He got up there using a trampoline subjectnominative it has its own verb Nominative Objective Possessive I Me Mymine You You Youryours She Her Herhers He Him His It It Its We Us Ourours They Them Theirtheirs Who Whom whose Wrong Her and I went to the store Right She and I went to the store 1 Nominative subject are the subject in the sentence they have their own verbs 2 Objective receives the action we I he and or she us me him or her 3 Possessive do not take an apostrophe Who is a subject Whom is an object Ex 1 My sister and did this to the cat 2 The person who did this is going to get his or her eyes scratched out 3 Please protect my sister and m from this evil cat 4 The cat did this to itself 5 Our parents accused we were home at the time 6 This feline is himhis and mine 7 She was not fond of E laughing 8 After the lecture the teacher asked us students to turn in our papers 9 l have no one to blame but myself 10 According to jim and m it was E who dug up the shrubbery after dark 11 Everyone except joe and him walked in the Race for the Cure 12 The blame is his and mine 13 Doing the assignment is m and my responsibility 14 not common for Anne s hummingbirds to overwinter in the Willamette Valley 15 Whom can I speak to about this problem 16 Each member of the debate team got a turn to answer the case 17 The woman the cafeteria workers suspected of eating all the pudding turned out to be the same person who had been seen hiding in the walkin refrigerator last week 18 The funniest faces in the photo are m


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