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Weds notes

by: Ally Hill

Weds notes 26387

Ally Hill
GPA 3.3
Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap

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About this Document

Wednesdays notes. 2/25.
Social Aspects of Sexuality
Kim Creasap
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ally Hill on Wednesday February 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 26387 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Kim Creasap in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Social Aspects of Sexuality in Sociology at University of Pittsburgh.


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Date Created: 02/25/15
Sexuality 22515 1101 AM Hooking Up Survey results 0 Defining the term hooking upquot men primarily thought hooking up was oral sex and sexual intercourse 0 Sexual Equality in Hookup Culture 50 of men think pleasure is equal in hookups 44 of women think pleasure is equal 25 of men think women get more pleasure 2 of women think women get more pleasure Media Myths 0 Media reports that casual sex happens between strangers and research reports otherwise 0 Media reports that young people are having more sex than their parents did at the same age research reports this is not true 0 Media reports hooking up has replaced relationships and research proves this wrong Research on Hooking Up Research findings can vary based on 0 population 0 definition of hooking up 0 gender 1 variable people seem to be interested in 0 social class 0 sexuality most research assumes heterosexuality and gender biases There have been a few studies on gay mens behavior regarding hookup culture Research shows that people don t actually get pleasure from hookups so why do people do it 0 They think it may lead to a relationship 0 Men do it so men can increase their standing with other men Research Findings Hooking up is advantageous for women 0 Sense of empowerment allowing women more power to initiate sexual encounters 0 Some ways allows women to enjoy sex more than we ve seen previously 0 Hooking up is disadvantageous for women 0 Sense of disappointment 0 Women are less likely to climax in hookups than in relationships 0 The sex is not reciprocal 0 Double standard involving slut shaming 0 Hook up culture is built on sexual double standard 0 Women are twice as likely to report feeling guilty after first time having sex 0 Boys are more likely to report feeling more popular after first time having sex College Women amp Orgasm Women have orgasms more often in relationships than in hookups 0 Kinds of sexual practices oral sex more reciprocal Experience with partner the more experience they have with the partner the more invested they are in pleasing that person 0 Double standards both men and women questioned women s entitlement to pleasure in hookups but strongly believed in women s pleasure in relationships Research Findings 0 Students have a lot of misperceptions about what their peers sexual expenences 37 of students reported 2 hookups during the school year 0 Our survey 47 of the class had 05 hookups total 22 had 21 hookups o No substantial change in sexual behavior from 1966 to 2010 Race Class amp Sexuality 0 White students are more likely to participate in hookup culture than African Americans 0 Interview data suggests that politics of respectabilityquot and Greek life are important factors in this difference 0 Middle and upper class students are more likely to participate in hookup culture than working class students 0 Middle class women were more likely than working class women to hookup Working class women saw college as a path to a career and a family Upper class women thought of college as a selfish party time 0 Both similarities and differences in the hookup experiences of gay and straight men Similarities view of hooking up as casual there is a desire among men for relationships of partners 0 Differences where men meet partners gay students met partners off campus straight men met partners on campus in hookup scenes alcohol was more often a factor with straight men than gay men Sexual Culture at Pitt It s definitely hook up oriented I don t know about all classes but I know for mine there aren t that many opportunities for people to talk and get to know eachother Apps like Tinder also help promote hookup culturequot People assume that because it s a college campus that every single person wants to hook up at random parties making the sexual climate a little uncomfortable at timesquot I find that hookup culture is ugly and getting out of control because people believe it should be the normquot Pitt s sexual climate is very laid back with people not having a prejudice against people with differing sexual practicesquot Supportive of random short lived hookups But varies from person to person a lotquot 22515 1101 AM 22515 1101 AM


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