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complete notes from 12 feb to 19 feb 2015

by: Maria Siddiqui

complete notes from 12 feb to 19 feb 2015 0257

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > Electrical Engineering > 0257 > complete notes from 12 feb to 19 feb 2015
Maria Siddiqui
GPA 3.76
Microelectronic Circuits
Dr. Stanchina

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About this Document

authentic and complete notes from 12 feb to 19 feb 2015... including courseweb figures!
Microelectronic Circuits
Dr. Stanchina
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maria Siddiqui on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 0257 at University of Pittsburgh taught by Dr. Stanchina in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Microelectronic Circuits in Electrical Engineering at University of Pittsburgh.

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Date Created: 02/26/15
Melmi wen bmxwdmg m Ema iiWM Twmgwssw e MUSFE J Timng f a WWKE ngm 71 MFJJV a G Hquot 39 11Ji 7 W H J v I g i f i 15 W e cl h 39 mawa i m 7 4quot i r 7 39439 mm 4 ma 1 a 7 M 7 if 04 L al1 1 r 1 UWW km 1 Uh J i 39 1 Sim W vfhmr Hugh 7 7 g fillWW L AM um Egg r l5 e Law A r39 quot 4 LL397 39 W39 if m 39 quotI m V W 397 V 7 Ef aw m L Ci UL g 35 7 it LEw JL H Qni2 lt5 l U 15er m ECQFMFLLK 11 rm F quot 7 rm g m m Ki LLL jug a I 3 M g 7 V Em VA ila H31 fu quot Iefam j e quot VEH EHO a 0 quota W 3 i123 Dv gf wiiw iif an H 1H7 1 mug i m quot Cs 5quot me a hnd ETEI 7 33an 5J3 f 39 4k W Was a 2 L i Mm quot mu Lav xix aw I g NW1 km 5 1 WC j m lquot39 lw a MMdMV m t ragga 4 u at v 39 f 39 F i Q W 1 1 Lner 1 fquot 5141 TV L Pi but E 6 I m w C lg l gl w c wqra t 397 W s 4311 LL 1 3915 my 7 L Ii 7 7 in 7 r 2 hi g I 7 L ti T L H I D 7 m V O A at 1 H 33 e in amp f r Q L La d li W if F e e W U1 QM 5 III i iLL39 if A n A 1 7 7 I A H Cw 339 55 Mg fn 429 i I DRE U W 3115MB WW WIS V ma m Cm 3 023 x mquot WWI NHL m 1h r 39 if A y t 4 q i 1 CD a KT quot1 P C 7 5g 30523 moiff L ML 5 7a likl wtjf1 a J3mml i J 5quot K 115w 0 L1 39F 1 1quot339 TimHM a u T HQ lllulil lll l Sm xi Gimp a E a E l f J F r J I 391 7 lift 39 F E rf 7 2 ji a f 3 J k A 3 7 f 17 41 h r r 77 Kx r g 717x Hank 7 a 5 W Ekwm E NWC LEi E AU 34 L f4 amm D392 maan Hahn m e M D ee Q I39D I mA A US 53 a V 1 a regmn m E m h V Salumlim region mm 2 211 W W w 1 lt WM 1 as 2 V g 10 i A all 1133 2 V l hr I bl r V 2 II fl II m I A TIES g V 395 W i V GR 5 I mm 111quot m Eh Figure 513 a An nachanmel esnhancementtype MO SFET with Vim and ms applied and with the normal directions of current ow indicated h The i D VDS characteristics fm a device k inWfL 1 W a 1 Triode Region ID 2 kn 5 V03 VDS Virus L 2 1 W Saturation Region ID 231 6268 V2 V where 5ng V i t 1 high i tLt 7 m l i W in CC VHS in CC V65 9 was it 14 rm t39 is quotc inducecl NEl1 it iit ll 2 r it ptyne substrate Figure An NMOS transistor with V V and with a small v applied J4 l A I 4 I y g at l A I Uh i still Hm I 5 3 Pm mm The dewce acts as a resustance whose italus ts determined by vm A Speci cally1th chmmt conductance is Prowlimam w v GS V and thus 53 Figure 54 The iD VDS characteristics of the MOSFET in Fig 43 when IS proportional to vi15 if em Note that the depletion region is not shown the V OItage E PP lEEd beme e drain and SDUWE a Vns is kept small The f r Simvp hcity clewce operates as a linear resistor whose value is controlled by quotnIf egg a constant Vt in ii loam Vets V iii E Triotic t 39 Sa lnraititnt in 3955 i39tts Vt I39m in 39 V U T ins ves 4 Vote Ves of vng voltage dropalong channe j substrate 4 E MF U Unseen quot The A V 4 Win Figure The drain current ED versus the dramatistsource voltage tam for enhancementtype NMOS transistor operated with VGS Zgt VF F ignre 55 Operation of the enhancement NMOS transistor as VDS is ineteaseti The induced channei acquires 11396th shape its resistance increases as am is increased Here 1253 is kept constant at a value 39 gt agn mSmW Ugb i j m a 1 H C MD MELquot q m ma i u be A i r r 7 30 hail NMuse waxquot M L g 9 w it n M015 a U 2 Ugf iquot Emu CL QQWQ 0 55 a i 7 h m I quot JD D39 J D Eb 4 a 95739 15 J i MN lu 3 A L MA iiiii if 9 i M h JEQNJ 139 7 7 if iii i In 0 40 Mb 0539 w as mm mm NT 393 a a v m Liv mi g m 013 V J quot pg 7 EWLRGSAH quoti g ilgo V W m i i ll k u i 7 7 I i l 1 1 l 1 V 7 7 x 7 E r f Ni x i l I 39 1 T r w 1 1 gt d H V OMMD A r y A erg an 7 r7 l 7 17 Luyg 7 ml 7 r 7 fr 39 7 77 39 39 l L NDE u w I i e e I A J l Ifk i E7 in A V 39 a git 7 77 V W I quot 7 7 r r 1 TIM Mi r J 7 r m 3 Wi Q h F imply n f I g 7 axEGme


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