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AFRCNA 0031 Week 8 Notes

by: Aileen Ryan

AFRCNA 0031 Week 8 Notes 0031

Marketplace > African Studies > 0031 > AFRCNA 0031 Week 8 Notes
Aileen Ryan
GPA 3.3
Michael Tillotson

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About this Document

These are the notes from Thursday, February 26. Our Tuesday class ended early because a presenter didn't show up so there are no notes.
Michael Tillotson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aileen Ryan on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 0031 at a university taught by Michael Tillotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 146 views.

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Date Created: 02/26/15
February 26 2015 Topographies of Resistance 0 African resistance of slavery began in Africa Resistance 0 Smaller population size 1 The existence of less nearby unsettled regions for Maroon or independent societies of escaped Africans 2 The isolated character of the US populations which hampered organized unified efforts 3 The harsh winters which made survival in Maroon societies more difficult to maintain as opposed to tropical areas where food and shelter were less a priority 4 The drastic decline of importation of large numbers of new Africans after 1807 with the deferral prohibition of trafficking in enslaved persons thus depriving enslaved Africans of a vital source of revitalization and rebellion 5 The greater balance between the sexes and division into family units in the US which often dampened male rebellion and fight in consideration for the family 6 The pervasive severity of the system which was not content to dominate physically but engaged in a very aggressive form of deculturalization and psychological dislocations SEASONING The Seasoning Process 0 Formation period did not exist in human history 0 Transition from African to Negro Idea of seasoning is one of the most successful ideas in the history of colonial idea in British America 0 Not without challenges but took a significant toll because historical records among Africans were strong and continuous Resistance 1 To deny support to challenge or overturn the established order 2 Deny diminish or eliminate its hold 3 To force changes in its structure and functioning order 4 To escape its control and jurisdiction Five Basic Forms of Enslaved African Resistance 1 Cultural 2 Day to day 3 Abolition 4 Emigration 5 Armed struggle The Slave Community by John Blassingame Maintains that personality of enslavement was determined by the interaction of certain universal elements of culture 1 Cultural Resistance 0 Cultural retention and synthesis 0 Dances moral narratives music language patterns and spiritual beliefs 0 Cultural creations Maintenance and development of a family against all odds Synthesis 0 Religion and music where in the process of acculturation enslaved Africans made European forms serve African interests Maintenance of the Family Against All Odds 0 Systematic sexual abuse of African Women 0 The division and selling of family 0 The denial and restriction of the African man s ability to protect provide for and exercise authority in his family 2 DaytoDay Resistance 0 Sabotage such as breaking tools and destroying crops shamming illness or ignorance taking property spontaneous and planned strikes work slowdowns selfmutilation arson attacks on overseers and poisoning of slaveholders and their families as well as running way 3 Abolition All efforts dedicated to abolishing enslavement conducted by both free Africans and formerly enslaved Africans such as Frederick Douglas Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth Diversity in Abolition Efforts 1 Fundraising efforts for the purchase aid and legal defense of enslaved Africans and antienslavement literature 2 Provided security forces for defense and antienslavement rallied to prevent kidnappings of fugitive and free Africans by former holders and catchers of enslaved Africans A massive publication Established a speakers bureau of both formerly enslaved African and free Africans to disseminate information and call for support in the struggle in the US Canada and throughout Europe 5 The building and maintenance of the Underground Railroad a system of freeing transporting and placing formerly enslaved Africans in the North or Canada and throughout Europe Harriet Tubman hero of the Underground Railroad 4Emigrationism The push to emigrate back to Africa or go elsewhere Africans could be free and selfdetermined The American Colonization Society 0 It was essentially antiegalitarian supported by slavery supporting Americans who supported the founding of Liberia and advocated that all blacks including free blacks return to Africa LU


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