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SOC030 Lesson 6 - Sexuality

by: Katrina Iobst

SOC030 Lesson 6 - Sexuality SOC030

Marketplace > Sociology > SOC030 > SOC030 Lesson 6 Sexuality
Katrina Iobst
Penn State
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver

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About this Document

Notes from Dr. Silver's Sociology of the Family class. Discussions include the social nature of sex, hooking up and its public and private explanations, the definition of the situation, sexual scri...
Sociology of the Family
Dr. Silver
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katrina Iobst on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC030 at a university taught by Dr. Silver in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 183 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
SOCO3O Lesson 6 Sexuality Readings 1 quotFrom Dating to Hooking Upquot from Hooking Up Sex Dating and Relationships on Campus From a book of interviews with college students from various types of universities about hooking up Shows how ideas as a culture changed about dating and sex 2 quotThe Decline of the Date and the Rise of the College Hookupquot Speci c hereandnow project about understanding the hooking up phenomena Part 1 Sex is Social Why 0 Our thoughts and actions regarding it are shaped by our social environment social construction Hooking up is one of many socially constructed approaches to sex 0 We learn what to do think and feel regarding sexual behavior via socialization 0 Pop culture movies TV magazines music family peers religion 0 Messages can vary from different contexts religion can differ from pop culture etc Part 2 Starting Info 0 Hooking Up various de nitions 0 quotAnything from kissing to intercourse between people who are not dating each otherquot England 0 quotWhen a girl and a guy get together from a physical encounter but don t necessarily expect anything furtherquot Glenn and Marquardt 2012 Data from 14583 heterosexual female undergrads at 21 colleges amp universities that give bachelor s degrees 0 69 had at least 1 hook up by senior year 0 74 had a 6 month or longer relationship by senior year 0 80 had intercourse in those relationships Both women and men prefer sex in relationship over sex in hookup o 39 had intercourse in hookups o 18 of seniors were virgins 2012 Data from 615 PSU Soc 30 Students 20132014 20142015 0 54 of students hookup 62 of men 51 of women 0 Pluralistic Ignorance when a majority of group members privately reject an idea but incorrectly believe that most other people support it Part 3 Where Did Hooking Up Come From Public amp Private Explanations of Hooking Up 0 Public environment 0 College environment with freedom amp privacy less quotin loco parentisquot college doesn t need to be your parent the way other schools are Access to rooms that are not checked easy to get birth control More students more opportunity 0 Effective birth control amp abortion widely available lowers risk of pregnancy amp disease from casual sex also part of technology 0 Technology Social media can promote hooking up Tinder Cell phones etc make it easier to contact people at any time 0 Sexual revolution hippies mentality quotFree lovequot or quotDo what you want without social pressurequot 0 Belief in personal freedom 0 People are marrying at later ages 25 for women 27 for men so longer period of sexual interest marriage 0 Private personal characteristics 0 Looking for a relationship 0 Fear of commitment o Boosts shortterm selfesteem quotThis person things I m attractivequot 0 Physical pleasure biology o Relieve stress outlet like drinking Part 4 How does the hook up work De nition of the Situation 0 What situation are we in where are we 0 Characteristics of situation 0 What social roles are involved Ex ChurchTempleReligious Service Officiant pastor rabbi etc Congregation big group usually listening Choir people singing leading singingmusicians What social role we play 0 How each should behave Purpose of the situation amp purpose of our behavior Misunderstanding De nition of Situation 0 Children don t know what s appropriate to say to others Talkative person in class doesn t understand they shouldn t talk so much 0 Mentally ill people wear strange clothes talk to themselves 0 One person is romantically interested while the other isn t quotnot on the same page Social situations have scripts Describe the scene 0 Thoughts words movements of each actor Relationship of each actor to each other 0 Each actor knows all the parts Sexual Script set of culturally produced ideas that give specifics of how a type of sexual encounter should go Who What When Where Why Feelings Future 0 Script for hooking up Clear de nition of the situation 0 Randomcasual Unclear de nition of the situation exciting options frustrating Drinking Future relationship is uncertain MF similar motives amp feelings after 0 Women maybe more mixed feelings about self Double standard 0 Examples 0 Wedding night I love you can t wait to start our family takes place in a bedhotel open about your sexual preferencesneeds know you will wake up next to them 0 Casual Takes place in back of a car or somewhere random more likely to be drunk may not see the person ever again OOOO Motivations Womens Funexciting Dunk Like sex Younghot Want intimacy Feel independent Lonely Make him like me Don t have relationship Attracted to person Part of college Rebound No strings attached Pressure from friends Bragging rights 0 Build self esteem Mens 0 Fun 0 In the moment 0 00000000000000 00000 0000000000 Like sexfeels good Boost selfesteem Achievement Body count Like girlslike the speci c girl For the hell of it Drunk Stress release Might become a relationship Meet different girls Fun to have sex with someone you don t care about 0 Can t nd someone I truly like Similar Funexciting Attractionliking Pleasure Possible relationship No strings 0 Alcohol England amp Thomas found that on average men had 5 drinks and women have 3 drinks before most recent hookup 41 were drunk 13 over legal limit 08 12 28 extremely drunk 12 or over OOOOOOOOOOO Why Not to Hookup Women s Have boyfriend Emotionally exhausting Degradingdisrespecting selfbody Religionmorals I don t feel safe don t trust guys Want relationshipsomeone who cares Focus on school Negative stigma attached to it Not funclassy quotNot everyone can put their hands in the cookie jar Men s Have girlfriend Unpaid prostitution Want meaning it s not specialintimate Disgusting Religionmorals Want relationshipto know the woman Don t like easy girls Would rather date OOOOOOOO No time May hurt someone Drama afterwards Contributes to STDs 0 Mutual feelings should come before physical contact 0 Similar 0 Want relationshipmeaning 0 Religious beliefs 0 Doesn t make them happy OOOO Feelings from Hooking Up GultyEmbarassed quotThen I take the ultimate walk of shame at 10am As people are going to class I m in heels and a dress completely hungoverquot JudgedJudging 0 Double Standard of Sex a system code or standard applied unevenly a moral code stricter for women then for men 0 quotNewquot Double Standard of Sex premartial sex is now okay for both women amp men but sex without commitmentrelationship is okay for men but not for women 0 Bad 0 Men s bad feelings after Awkward Guilty Regret If one night stand feel bad If someone ends up getting hurt If not intimate feels pointless and weird Regret Empty 0 Women s bad feelings after Regret Not proud Awkward Embarrassed Guilty Stupid Dirty Sad when he leaves lf ignored after Careless Sad Used Confused Good 0 Mens good feelings after Goodhappyfreeattractivecool No shame Like the manboss Nothingno different Close to the girl SaUs ed Accomplished Got what I wanted 0 Women s good feelings after Happyfreehotter Expressive SaUs ed No strings Con dentproud Fine quotDid you ever think your hookup partner respected you less afterwardquot O 0 Women 51 nationally and 53 of SOC3O students said yes Men 25 nationally and 33 of SOC3O students said yes quotDid you ever respect your partner less afterwardquot O 0 Women 27 nationally and 42 of SOC3O students said yes Men 37 nationally and 44 of SOC3O students said yes lt s Different After College Why 0 000000 0 Professional Maturity looking for relationship Don t go out drinking as much Mixed age Less available Peers are settling downquot Safety people are different ages from different places doing different things Dating comes back


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