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2-9 Anth 203 lecture

by: Alejandra Gutierrez

2-9 Anth 203 lecture 3446

Marketplace > Washington State University > 3446 > 2 9 Anth 203 lecture
Alejandra Gutierrez
GPA 3.8
Anthropology 203

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About this Document

This was Monday's notes, typed up. They include what was in the slides and the lecture.
Anthropology 203
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutierrez on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3446 at Washington State University taught by Abdul-Karim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
29 Series of Slate Look at things happening in Us and puts it in terminology of another place If it happened there Cosmogony System that tries to explain the origins Trying to answer how how did we get here Cosmology System to explain the universe Why Why are we here If Cosmogony and cosmology then it is a religion If Cosmogony then it is philosophy f Cosmology then it is supernatural The culture of the rock paintings have changed in the sense that it is basically extinct But there are artists that are utilizing rock art for influence The culture I completely different Language A system of communication using sounds or gestures that are put together in meaningful ways according to a set of rules Or else things will be at random and the message would not get across Bounda es Soundsgestures are symbols Something that is arbitrarily is linked to its meaning We agree on what it stands for Reading Sign Signifiersound Book ltSound that means something Signifiedmeaning A book is a book Onomatopoeia Things that sounds like what it is Swishwhoosh There may have been more Onomatopoeia before We lost them after some time Every language has its own sound The reason why we have differences is because everybody s language has 15 sounds So there are language that don t make a certain sound There are a whole range of sounds but on average each language has 15 sounds Symbols are cultural something that we learn are instinctive sounds that have meaning Something that goes with the emotions Nodding is a symbol something we do naturally when agreeing that it fells that should be a signal but we learn it The nature of language All languages uses no more than 50 sounds and are used to communicate information to one another There are approximately 6500 languages worldwide LINGUISTS have found that all languages are organized in the same basic manner They study all aspects of language History is something they look into as well I imagine taking for example Mexico They had a different language and then Spaniards came and brought Spanish with them So looking into history might show connections The Rules that make up language are the basics in each language Dialects Regions have different dialects Language is has Productivitycreativity New words can be created When adding new tech to our lives then we create words Twitter new words added tweet tweeting hashtag Taking out words that are not used are hard Linguistics see the difference in how many times it was used in the past compared to the present Pig there are different words for pig but they are not used too often So people don t know it But before they had various words to describe it showing that pigs mattered a lot before quotThe limits of my words are the limits of my word someone Reading nuit has a lot of words for snow Arbitrary Connection of meaning and gestures symbol etc Displaced Talked about things in time This separates humans from animals like gorillas A way to share things that happened to a person who has not seen it If gorillas didn t see it then it didn t happen So displaced is basically that we can talk about something that has happened before and explain it to someone who was not there Rule governed Busy is me ltThis might not make sense Maybe Let us eat grandma Let us eat grandma Multimedia potential We can transmit languageinformation many ways Like postures space distance Silence can do this as well Traditional transmission The specifics of language is learned Linguistics the study is divided into 3 main concepts Descriptive Historical Tracing out language back in time Sociolinguistics Gender age affects how we use language Descriptive Language Involves unraveling a language by recording describing and analysis Phonology Study of language sounds Phonemes smallest units of sound that makes a difference in the meaning of a language Pan an man can Dan ban tan P t m d are different phonemes f change one of these hen you changing the meaning Cot Caught sounds the same for some people others not There is a quiz one line to see what accent you have In chines tones act as the phonemes Morphology Study of patterns or rules of word formation Morphemes smallest meaningful units of sound Example Books Books BOOKFree morphemes smallest unit that can stand alone SBound morphemes can t stand alone but when added then it changes the meaning They are the prefixes or suffixes Other examples Asking Syntax


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