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2-20 Anth 203 Lecture

by: Alejandra Gutierrez

2-20 Anth 203 Lecture 3446

Marketplace > Washington State University > 3446 > 2 20 Anth 203 Lecture
Alejandra Gutierrez
GPA 3.8
Anthropology 203

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About this Document

This was Friday's notes, typed up. They include what was in the slides and the lecture.
Anthropology 203
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alejandra Gutierrez on Thursday February 26, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3446 at Washington State University taught by Abdul-Karim in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views.


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Date Created: 02/26/15
Art is a human Universal Crossculturally we find human engaged in creative expression Why is Anderson s Definition so vague Sepik River Basin New Guinea Sees art as being religious If not religious then not Motherese making baby noises at baby Every culture does this It is the same sounds Making baby sounds at baby Papa New Guinea We are dealing with Sepik River 150anguages Tend to be broken down into areas Environment of Sepik Region NW corner of Papua New Guinea Diverse terrain Offshore islands Swampy shoreline River line environment Structure of religion practices barriers Social Landscape and subsistence Over 850 separate languages Lingua Franca trading language Not a first language Tok Pisin Numerous tribes in Sepik region Not homogeneous Differences between the groups But a lot of similarities Live in villages Farming and supplemented by hunting and gathering Horticulturalists What people do for food This shaped their lives Social structure Patriarchal Patrilineal Family is based on father s line of descent Last names are an example Patrilocal When married moves to groom s family Woman moves to a new environment Married women loses ties with family Why does it matter It could mean that it is oppressive towards woman Localized exogamy Exogamy Marriage outside a specific tribe or similar social unit Opposite of exogamy is endogamy Art Semispecialized Being an artist is prestigious Other roads to status are fighting and yarn growing Some benefits of being an artist But people need to work to support self and family so there s not a lot of time for art Longer the yams the more religious Status is for men Most art is religious Almost everything religious or not is decorated Body decorations Hair Cut wigs feather shells ferns Scarification Clothing Minimal but decorated with flowers or leaves Ornaments Shell necklaces woven armbands objects worn in holes in ear or septum Some things body modifications can tell us Status ChildAdult Group membership Region Tell you specific information Position in life Function of Body decorations Display Social Identity Display village Unity Within group Age Eligibility for marriage Status in tambaran cult Some villages only clan leaders wear boar tusks Common traits in Sepik Visual Art Sculpture in the round not flat High relief Painted Red primary colorblood White toosperm Geometric curvilinear designs Human and anthropomorphic figures with long noses High foreheads tongue sticking out Tambaran cults For initiated males only All the art for this is created by men for men Initiation lasts 10 years Person are given a main spirit then told it was false and gives them a new one 4 times it happens Sacred one real one is the 4th one Why 10 year period is for young boy to prove themselves Once initiated they become an initiator Yam cults Marsalai They are the spirits Can interact and intercede on human s behavior Happiness illness death They do this since the spirits live in the art So they never change the art Tambaran Located at village center Tambaran is clan specific Myths and totems and carving are clan owned Menhot Womencool Ritual objects are powerful therefore hot After sex men bleed their nose to become warm Women have to avoid artwork could create problems Women and Men avoid certain food to maintain their heat


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