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History notes for 04/20/2016

by: Katharine Anthony

History notes for 04/20/2016 HIS 104

Marketplace > Pace University > History > HIS 104 > History notes for 04 20 2016
Katharine Anthony

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About this Document

History of Western Civ notes on World War 2
History of Western Civilization 1815-Present
Michael Rosenfeld
Class Notes
history, WesternCiv
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katharine Anthony on Saturday April 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 104 at Pace University taught by Michael Rosenfeld in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see History of Western Civilization 1815-Present in History at Pace University.


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Date Created: 04/23/16
Homework: • Museum Paper Due 4/29 ○ There is a MET trip 3pm on Friday meeting place is on the front steps of Pace Plaza • Final is May 4th The Second World War • Korematsu v. United States, 1944 • Japanese American Internment Camps • The Hiding of the Mona Lisa and other pieces of artwork ○ Great grandparents villa for 24 hours • The Night Harlem Boiled Over • Iranian Support of Allies ○ Tehran Agreement • Yalta Agreement • Meeting in Cairo • Women joining the war effort • Creation of the UN • Hitler's idea of a Jewish museum to show what culture he destroyed • Pearl Harbor • Atomic bomb • Island hopping • Blitzkrieg • Women joining the workforce • Victory gardens • Scrap metal drives • Switzerland neutrality • Night by Elie Weisel • Eisenhower having pictures taken of concentration camps • WASPS, WACs, WAVES, Women's Marine Corp • Canada's Italian and German internment camps • 50 million casualties • Churchill • Battle of England • Iwo Jima • Nuremburg Trials • Holocaust • Stalin, Hitler, Togo, Mussolini • Dresden • Annexation • Blitzkrieg • 1936 Olympics • D-Day • North Africa • FDR • Germany Invades Poland 1939 Class notes • The Second World War was a huge war in terms of how it was fought. • The Pacific war was an oceanic war that was fought over 8,000 miles • Appeasement ○ Policy used before the 2nd World War because they were afraid of a huge amount of casualties happening again. • 50 million dead at the end of World War II and many of them were not combatants but instead were civilians. 20 million Russians killed in general. ○ Siege of Stalingrad, people resorted to cannibalism to stay alive. ○ Dresden was firebombed by Allied forces even though there were zero military significance. March 1945, killed over 100,000. • Create refugees, wreak havoc on city government, destroy crops, water supplies. Total Warfare. • Blitzkrieg in 1939. ○ terrorized cities with bombs that shrieked and just straight up bombed them. ○ Rotterdam - statue of a human being with no center, to describe how the city was affected. ○ Bombing of London § Part of Battle of Britain □ Bombed London for 52 sequential nights before moving on more to the countryside. □ Hitler has to go through the English Channel to take over Britain. ® Germans look to destroy the British ability to stop the invasion by stopping the British Airforce. □ German airplane accidently starts this bombing by getting lost in fog and accidently letting go of his bombs. ® This naturally upsets the British but also the Germans. ® The Royal Airforce is then told to bomb Berlin, which was not effective but did manage to embarrass Hitler. ® This caused the bombing of London to begin. 7,000 Londoners dead, others driven into the subway stations and saves the British Airforce. § Bombing of Coventry □ British had 72 hrs advanced warning but did not evacuate the city and let it be bombed. □ Enigma coding machine □ All attacks could not be stopped because it would let the Germans know the British knew the code. • Germany took control of Western Europe in 6 months. • Holocaust, 10 million people killed. • Comfort Women WWII Films • Bomb Girls • Anne Frank • Boy in the Striped PJS • Inglorious bastards • Fury • Saving Private Ryan • Monument Men • Bonds of Brotherhood • Imitation Game • Goodbye Children • Letters from Iwo Jima • The Pianist • Dresden • Downfall • Big March (French) • Pearl Harbor • World War II in HD • War in the Pacific • Tora Tora Tora


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