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by: Kayla Rosado

FormingConstitution.pdf AMH2041

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Kayla Rosado
GPA 4.0

Professor Kirsten Wood

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About this Document

Professor Kirsten Wood
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kayla Rosado on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2041 at Florida International University taught by Professor Kirsten Wood in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 78 views.


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Date Created: 02/27/15
Thursday February 26 2015 AMH2041 Forming the Constitution Self Government virtue reason and selfinterest Articles of Confederation Congress President Limited Tax Power Successes and Failures The Constitution The Nationalists Act The Annapolis Convention 1785 Constitutional Convention 1787 Constitutional Principles Ratification The constitution has to be approvedratified by a certain amount of states In this period there were questions about whether women could govern themselves Women don39t have the mental capacity a man does when it comes to selfgovernment Virtue the capacity to make choices based on the common good men are better at this than women Who has the capacity to govern Based on social class If you focus only on feeding your family you do not have the capacity to vote govern Children and women cannot be politically independent because they are not economically independent The Articles of Confederation Congress Thursday February 26 2015 President Limited Tax Power First constitution drafted 1777 ratified by the states Colonists afraid of tyranny Articles of Confederation gives new government enough power but not as much as the crown or enough to be tyrannous Have to create the ideastructure of a nation Congress has one House Each state has one vote Congress only serve 3 years of 16 President selected by Congress serves an annual term 1 year of every 3 Congress lacks power to levy taxes directly Process to amend Articles of Confederation but had to be unanimous 913 states had to approve acts in order for them to become laws Successes Created government which lead the American colonies through the war and resulted in independence Passed laws that would be important for ensuring a democratic future Northwest Ordinance claimed territory which could possibly be 35 states After war American economy enters depression When resuming trade with Britain they buy what they can afford goods which they have not had in a while As a result the government goes bankrupt along with some people in the American states Tax bills being allowed to pay in paper money however it was not satisfying for foreign debt States passing laws to protect debtors Thursday February 26 2015 Attempts stop collection of debt by force those in debt who are about to have their things taken Excess of democracy that causes anarchy abuse of liberty The Constitution The Nationalists Act The Annapolis Convention 1785 Constitutional Convention 1787 Constitutional Structure Branches of Government Executive Legislative Judicial Powers to createpass laws declare war etc shared among two branches to keep one branch from having too much power Constitutional Structure enumerated powers Congress now has taxation power likely to be the most important branch of government Limits on Congress Congress cannot grant titles of nobility Congress cannot deliberately set out to harm one part of the country to benefit another Congress is banned from banning international slave trade Congress can tax the slave trade 60 an inflation to the representative power of the states Acknowledges the use of slavery because it brought in the most revenue States have to respect each others laws All forms of moveable property is protected by Full Faith and Credit The absence of the word slave in the constitution is a signal that the founders were imagining a period where slavery would be no more Should not attribute too much to the absence of the word slave slavery


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