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by: Angie Bell

2/24 HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction

Angie Bell
GPA 3.25
Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin

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About this Document

Civil War and Reconstruction
Joan Cashin
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angie Bell on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 3013: Civil War Reconstruction at Ohio State University taught by Joan Cashin in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Civil War and Reconstruction in History at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 02/27/15
Espionage Jacob Thompson previously a US senator very dedicated to the Confederacy and very rich head of a very large spy operation Kennedy connected up with Thompson in Canada his job was to set a bunch of fire in New York to start panic executed by Union as a spy Pnsons Geneva Conventions agreements made about POW treatments to prevent mistreatmentestablish a basic level of treatment for prisoners Grant decides to stop prisoner exchanges because it would help the Confederacygiving men back to fight the North had more white men able to fight so they had better chances without exchanges Ulric Dahlgren in US calvalry his plan was to travel to Richmond and to free all POWs held by the Confederacy he was found and killed before his attempt and the plans were found on his body Wirz self pronounced doctorpractices medicine in suburbs of New Orleans had to quit in 1864 because of an arm injury his house was pillaged by the Union soldiers he is very bitter and holds resentment for Union he goes to Andersonville near Richmond in charge of POWs at Andersonville John Hunt Morgan Confederate man who loved female company wanted to invade the North to inflict some of the pain that had been inflicted on the South he is convinced that the Southern Midwest had many Confederate sympathizers and that parts of those states might secede and join the South but it didn t happen and he was caught with his men they were imprisoned in Columbus they escaped by digging their way out and bought train tickets home killed by a jealous husband easiest way to get out of prison is to join the other army both armies offer this and the Union was much more successful with this US Grant came up with the plan to allow POWs to be freed from prisons if they joined US Army and they are moved west not combat soldiers called the US Volunteers or Galvanized Yankees got 6000 men to switch sides some defect Confederacy tries to do the same with foreign born Union POWs not to US born troops because they would most definitely defect Guerillas don t engage in traditional war they operate mostly at night and in underground waysstealthily not really stratified many guerrilla fights were in Missouri because it is so politically divided Hamburg Missouri Quantrill ruins much of this town with his guerrilla fighting Jesse James born in Missouri with his brother Frank to a yeoman farming family they have a couple slaves they grew up without a father because he died when he went to get gold in California grew up as tough boys joined guerrillas with Confederacy very upset that Union won so they rob banks which is considered the hub of North s power end up getting caught when they are robbing a Minnesota bank


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