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lecture 5

by: Jordyn

lecture 5 PSY 101

GPA 3.6
Introductory Psychology
Richard Lucas

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About this Document

Introductory Psychology
Richard Lucas
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jordyn on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 101 at Michigan State University taught by Richard Lucas in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.


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Date Created: 02/27/15
Lecture 5 Frontal lobe doesn t have a speci c function but plays a huge role in how to help with brain functions Movie on bill had a problem with his frontal lobe and damage of the frontal lobe creates problems with basics problem solving and decision making Which of the following best demonstrates major theme 3 the divided self the overlapping functions of the quotold brainquot and the quotnew brainquot The divided brain 0 Handedness About 90 of people are righties across cultures and eons Can be right eyed or left eyed too 99 of righties have language in left hemisphere language is lateralized 70 of lefties do too Most others have it in both So for mostly everyone 0 Left hemisphere is specialized for language and analytical processing time sequences 0 Right hemisphere specialized for space holistic patterns faces 0 Lateralization Left brain controls right side of the body and the left side controls the right side Eyes both eyes see the same visual eld the right visual eld is hitting the left retina and the left visual eld hits the right retina o SplitBrain studies Right is specialized in detecting faces Left is for language Corpus collusum connects the two parts of the brain and has the most nerves in how whole part of the brain Our divided brain Largest bundle of neural bers Connects the two brain hemispheres Carries messages between the hemispheres lf cut the corpus collusum you can function normally and helps stop a seizure epilepsy from spreading to a different side of the brain Splitbrain research 0 Movie split brain when shown an image on the right side draw that image with the right hand 0 Show image of a face made of books on the left side of screen goes to right hemisphere and recognized the picture as a face show the same image on the right side of the screen goes to the left hemisphere sees the picture as books fifth Art 4 His H i Whatwmd did you SEE l l i I l l HEART r 1 i all A l l Ih EV g 7 my H H V l5quot s 39 Palm With firm left hand i he wort Look at the lit Two wrdls separated by a tilt Wu Eamf are momEntarily projected Split brain can rotate dominant right and clockwise and left foot counterclockwise but when rotate right hand clockwise and left foot counter clockwise cannot do it Nature vs nurture Chapter 4 How does it all work 0 Cell The basic structural unit of a living thing 0 Nucleus The inner thread of a cell that houses chromosomes and genes 0 Chromosome Threadlike structure made largely of DNA molecules 0 Gene Segment of DNA containing the code for a particular protein determines our individual biological development 0 DNA A spiraling complex molecule containing genes Behavioral genetics 0 De nition the study of the power and limits of genetic and environmental in uences on behavior 0 Environment every nongenetic in uence form prenatal nutrition to the people and things around us 0 Question how to separate these effects What percent of your genes do you share with each of your parents 50 What percent of you genes do you share with each of your grandparents 25 What percent of your genes of you share with each of your siblings 50 Whether you smoke the amount of TV you watch and your personality is almost always based on genes Twin studies 0 Identical twins monozygotic Develop form a single zygote fertilized egg Splits in two Creates two genetic replicas 0 Fraternal twins dizygotic Develop from separate zygotes Genetically no closer than siblings Share same fetal environment Good to compare fraternal twins vs siblings because things happen to them at the same time Based on a simple premise o If identical twins are more similar than fraternal twins then it must be due to genes 0 Problems with this premise Twin studies how to make them better 0 Separated twin studies How can we explain similarities between separated twins Luck 0 Genes lf separated identical twins are more similar than separated fraternal twins can it be due to luck lf identical twins are separated it is more likely they will have weird similarities than fraternal twins 0 Mark and jerryadopted from separate families and both re ghters laugh the same stand the same and like the same hobbies Adoption studies o If children are similar to their biological parents I must be due to genes o If children are similar to their adopted parents it must be due to shared environment Our default expectation doing a twin study is heritable 0 Personality Divorce Criminality Alcoholism Smoking Political views Watching TV OOOOOO 0 Happiness Where should we see effects of genes 0 What the book says a persons characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity 0 What prof and others say individual differences that emerge very early in life that are likely to have a heritable basis and that are often involved in behaviors linked with emotionality or arousability Genetic intelligence is 50 related to their genetics doesn t mean that 50 of intelligence is from genes Should you blame your parents 0 USA Today panel of teens quotwho had the biggest in uence on your lifequot 50 said parents were most important in uence 50 said they didn t know


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