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HDFS 3400 Chapter 8

by: Caroline Bacevice

HDFS 3400 Chapter 8 3440

Caroline Bacevice
GPA 3.608
Human Sexuality
Katye Miller

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About this Document

Human Sexuality
Katye Miller
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caroline Bacevice on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 3440 at Ohio State University taught by Katye Miller in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 105 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Human Development at Ohio State University.

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Date Created: 02/27/15
Human Sexuality Chapter 8 Celibacy Complete Celibacy An expression of sexuality in which an individual does not engage in either masturbation or interpersonal sexual contact Partial Celibacy An expression of sexuality in which an individual does not engage in interpersonal sexual contact but continues to engage in masturbation Can be prompted by health conditions sexual transmitted infections religious beliefs or morals becoming a nun or a priest Erotic Dreams and Fantasy Erotic Dreams 0 Nocturnal Orgasm involuntary orgasm during sleep 0 93 of men and 86 of women reported having erotic dreams Erotic Fantasy 0 Functions of Fantasy I Can be a source of pleasure and arousal I Enhance sexual arousal during masturbation and partners sexual activities I Allow tolerable expression of forbidden wishesquot I Provide relief from genderrole expectations Male Female Similarities and Differences in Sexual Fantasy 0 Men s fantasies are more active and focus on a woman s bodies and on what they what to do to it whereas women s fantasies are more passive and focus more on men s interest in their bodies 0 Men s sexual fantasies focus more on explicit sexual acts nude bodies and physical gratification whereas women use more emotional context and romance in their sexual fantasies Similarly a more recent study of reactions to types of erotic stories found that women reported arousal to both suggestive and explicit erotic stories whereas men experienced a significant increase in arousal only to explicit erotic stories 0 Men are more likely to fantasize about multiple partners and group sex than are women 0 Men are more likely to have dominance fantasies whereas women are more likely to have submission fantasies Fantasies Help or Hindrance 0 Many sex therapies encourage their clients to use sexual fantasies as a source of stimulation to help them increase interest and arousal 0 Individuals who have experienced sexual abuse as children are sometimes troubled by intrusive unwanted sexual fantasies Masturbation Stimulation of one s own genitals to create sexual pleasure Perspectives on Masturbation 0 Source of concern throughout IudeoChristian history 0 In the 1800s sexual abstinence simple foods and fitness were lauded as crucial to health 0 Views today re ect con icting beliefs about masturbation Purposes of Masturbation 0 Most common reason is to relieve sexual tension 0 Also valuable as a means of selfexploration 0 Some people find that masturbation helps them get to sleep at night 0 Masturbation is often considered inappropriate when a person has a sexual partner or is married Ethnicity and Masturbation 0 Adults are most likely to masturbate if they have liberal views are college educated and are living with a sexual partner 0 White men and women masturbate more than African American men and women 0 Hispanic women have the lowest rate of masturbation Self Pleasuring Techniques 0 Sex Toys I 53 of women and 45 of men have used vibrators in solo or partnered sexual activities and that vibrator use among women and men is associated with positive sexual function I sex toys are more common among gay and bisexual men than among heterosexual men Sexual Expression The Importance of Context The Context of Sexual Expression 0 A sexual interaction cannot stand on its own it exists within the context of motivation and meaning of the individuals involved and the relationship as a whole The Maltz Hierarchy o The three positive levels of sexual interaction are built on mutual choice caring respect and safety 0 Level 1 Positive Role Fulfillment socialrole behavior religious or cultural duty sex for reproduction 0 Level 2 Making Love pleasure focused mutuality experimentation 0 Level 3 Authentic Sexual Intimacy emotional openness and closeness feelings of ecstasy 0 Level 1 Impersonal Interaction Lack of responsibility for birth control sexually transmitted infections or wellbeing of self and other 0 Level 2 Abusive Interaction Sexual dominance and coercion 0 Level 3 Violent Interaction Sex used to expressed hostility rape Frequency of Partner Sexual Activity o On average individuals have sex 103 times a year Kissing and Touching Kissing 0 Closed mouth kisses are more tender and affectionate 0 Deep open mouth or French kisses are more sexually intense o Mouth to mouth kissing is completely absent in the highly explicit erotic art of ancient Chinese and Japanese civilizations Touching 0 Touch does not need to be directed to an erogenous area to be sexual o Tribadism Rubbing one s genitals against another s body or genitals o Stimulation of Female Genitals I Genital touches that induce arousal vary from one woman to another Some prefer gentle or form movements on different areas of the vulva I Most women approaching orgasm commonly need steady consistent rhythm and pressure of touch through orgasm o Stimulation of Male Genitals I Men have individual desires as well I Immediately following orgasm the glans of the penis may be too sensitive to stimulate OralGenital Stimulation Cunnilingus Oral Stimulation of the vulva Fellatio Oral Stimulation of the penis Anal Stimulation Anal sex has become more common in the United States Some women report orgasmic response from anal intercourse For others it is unappealing uncomfortable or painful Analingus Oral Stimulation of the anus Coitus and Coital Positions Favorite positions are man on top woman on top and doggie style Intromission insertion of the penis into the vagina Intercourse the Tantric Way 0 An ancient Eastern path of spiritual enlightenment that holds an erotic act of love between a god and a goddess created the world 0 Sexual expression can become a form of spiritual meditation and a path of deep connection 0 The male learns to control and delay his orgasm and redirect the sexual energy throughout his and his partner s body


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