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Anthropology Lecture Notes Feb 25

by: Lindsay Notetaker

Anthropology Lecture Notes Feb 25 ANTH 0780

Marketplace > University of Pittsburgh > ANTH 0780 > Anthropology Lecture Notes Feb 25
Lindsay Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

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About this Document

These are my detailed lecture notes for this past Wednesday in Cultural Anthropology. I did my best to take great notes, so I hope they're helpful!
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lindsay Notetaker on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 0780 at University of Pittsburgh taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 49 views.


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Date Created: 02/27/15
225 Living with Kin Kinship Marriage and Family Living With Kin Most members of most societies have been raised in a context in which most people of whom they ve interacted have been with kin Most members of most societies have been born and raised in which their well being and survival are dependent on kin It s these kinds of societies that cultural anthropologist have studied Descent and Descent Groups Did the Iroquois know who their mother was 0 In Canada a young Iroquois woman was asked by a Frenchman Who is your mother 0 The woman points to another woman and says She is my mother who then points to another woman sister of her biological mother and says She is my mother 0 Frenchman is confused how can that woman have 2 mothers 0 He also thinks this culture is not intelligent as they don t know who their mothers are 0 She was making a statement in her society that Iroquois was a society based on matrilineal descent The idea of Descent and Descent Group 0 The intergenerational transmission of lifelong rights and obligations including but not restricted to group membership 0 Descent which group within a society one belongs at birth the kinds of tiesrelationships one has with certain categories of people thought as kin and members of that certain group 0 Descent group category of people organized along descent lines Descent groups as Corporations of Relatives 0 One belongs to a corporation when one is hired one belongs to a descent group when one is born 0 One leaves a corporation when one is red one leaves a descent group when one dies 0 Obligations to the people with whom we work 0 Corporation of relatives into which members are born and require rights and obligations as members of that groupcorporation 0 Social group comprised of categories of kin who can trace their relationships to each other through one individual and ancestor of some sort 0 Functioning as one social unit Unilineal Descent Matrilineal vs Patrilineal Descent Matrilineages Men and women related to each other through women Sister and brother members of mother s matrilineage but only sister passes membership to her children Patrilineages Men and women are related to each other through men Sister and brother members of father s patrilineage but only brother passes this membership to his children page 121 in a patrilineal system only male children are considered members of the kinship lineage MISTAKE all offspring of a father in a patrilineal society are members of his group Why were and are corporate descent groups important Corporate descent groups fulfill certain functions provide services that in our own society are provided by the state schools courts police social service agencies Provide and have provided their members with a very broadbased security blanket Provide an example of how different historical and social contexts what we expect from the state in other societies people get from being members of a corporate descent group Descent groups marriage and divorce The Kanuri of Nigeria 0 O 0 Divorce in this society allows us to shed light on our own society and understand that divorce and marital instability need not be based in what we attribute it to in our society The possibility that in a society like The Kanuri these groups may act as a buffer protecting women from the high costs of marital instability The Kanuri are organized into descent groups Relationships that women have in their descent groups are strong especially with the kinds of relationships they have with their matrilineal kin Divorced women have plenty of places to go mothers sisters Woman maintains independent access to resources she is entitled to as a woman of the matrilineal descent group Understanding Current Con icts O O Descent groups emerged prior to appearance of States Descent membership as adaptive strategy I Access to resources and security only members I Acting as one as single body jurally militarily and morally I Primary allegiance to one s descent group D Attack on one member of a group translates to an attack on the entire group I Varieties of descent groups tribes clans lineages ethnic groups Where would the idea of descent descent groups be important in understanding contemporary con icts O Afghanistan s Tribal Structure I Landscape divided into a variety of ethnic groups I Ethnic group large descent group of some time in which people have allegiance to each other


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