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Lecture 8 to Lecture 12

by: Polly Lesaguis

Lecture 8 to Lecture 12 65147

Marketplace > San Francisco State University > 65147 > Lecture 8 to Lecture 12
Polly Lesaguis
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Includes: Electronegativity, Bond Polarity, Lewis Structures, VSEPR & molecular geometry, Shape & Polarity
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Polly Lesaguis on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 65147 at San Francisco State University taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.

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Date Created: 02/27/15
cum8H1 zlb5 39 C 862 r0nca 4v1u I 32422ng 1 CW digc quot errcm 974 39 Bond 709quot 4 0L I I w 391 L fqu I dl0 W Iiu l fang 1 EN3 739 polar Uprolzrru of an m am 5Irhd wF Wecr wm air CW 39 e mfrmbmciw wga CSV 639 nm Very yfrxacea ngl momquot CVquot F 0 N Cl Br J C 739 IMJ 6W5 M 55 30 30 23 43 45 24 quotw Hquot39fHF covema P5593 A CNNI 4 w ACIVa A sv 8rqQ 2 39 AdN L W Fcrcnca m d A 6614mm 3 mag5 ofamq 414 mm of a V F 0 ACN quot 40 35 05 39 dillo 4r far4r viir I 4 1 a i I I l I 39 0004 0411 7 9 397 ampr4 42A More Paar 744e band ex V Rank 1460 v bmni band M arg zr 4 Mcrtarmr Po4r14 M H F H39N 9 H39d39 AlN HF fa539 ovc 24v 0 0vVt H C 0 5 aIals 39 chel Eula 39Dran nq Lavin J chhred 039 39 39 CI 39 chi rule 61740fo My order fa JcN m M 7gnltlfer of 8quot g Mg 34 e quot ice on Had7610 3 W5 VLE ai quot V ehcq 5quot 30144 boneh ma 7 ana u ZED airy d I 39 9 63 115w non bonghr39wj a 39 4 H 2 c3 c 393 H2 quot cz39r I eyreaenfa afom vaencg egci39ron QaVQen39f banal 51039 1W one Fan F39LPPU on how 7 4 orah cNg gain4741 s Rho 66 Wm of 4 vqencc e 39 109139 moecue F 17013 SI fquotx 3 9 sum w valance e aways VENgt 39y F lammmsvl39 accourvlr 9 39H39B Char g a c39 39 w lewf 5W amknuw 28 M f 3Hrf6 g 39 Cl p c Cl MIN rv quotMazpr rids M 1 jzc oqgfer y om 1 a 4 79573 o39Cl P CIquot Oo I no fat If Manarg m Arm 1 1 5 WkCTNquot q HrC F Alt Valence 8quot IO 1 39C He 022 N h quot x 591 39 11 123 39 1L 3 x mmze 39 H e N Hr C lmmnhlru 519315 Mnccoar flap gt Cfcm ron Quaintrat g Pram z e LewJ Alumurea g udgo l39D 39 M Q JC7D0 10 CI quotCI IIIN0 39 52Cquot I 10Nquot02 Valence BledHana Configured ba 41 mr PNd i a 7 artVt 9er ZZug deml39ran PW gawkMN Q CECHM 50an 39 S ergund nga cgl chiam gng each Mir 1 ang grou39b each bond2 39 aroup g mgg irm 7 V I Masb bond h 1 7Lrl39p6 24ch j emeLcLA LLmenfVagaapv i QCS DNQO 21090160 CD 39 3 4 I lynxd admit i Ham 4W4 w 74quot 455225021613 elicit0043 dw 3quot P Clearan Goamm rac For I A B A 6C1 mm V39 HacCUar M4963 Un t moo dcct ran Gcammlr Apr EXI A 3920 X J mo BkA A I W xi y m F 3 A bETTER A nlgonq VERMDN I vjw39rlP39 39 BMI W W L a Trqomr quot I 7940 M39j 39Pahar CAcMJrq ampamp5 5 con f 39 Cecfron atomcfrq 39MadCUar Zalpe I nameran mom7 Aquot the R A Uhy 39 B I I I vl 394 HHHA D A VA V A V A 3 chrdhedrdl 39 a T qhedrl39l Mr L mfei i mhcdm wiguqu aj 39 12 um A 3 Telrakedral 7 MVBQM A PRACTICE COlea 1 D H H 39 c pm SCI f Wagoner 39 M 1 O iTrlgonal Moccygf Pa r g 22 5 39 BMd L 39 ewr yruchfrgq 39decron aeoCZglpe V Q cl du lI g 50w 6 on 4 mix dm regs1quot 39 39 9 e re 4 IVAm zlgmperlura W I LCICf AC N39quot A Ach3o3o x Ad Nquot 0 0honPoar EHF Adm Ad N H39F One Moldavia main 11761 limit A 4470 H NIH 39 39 CA 39 Cl Cl t 6quot rhyme m cm Bledr15 7 4733th Hr 1 J o H F JJLP Eafyv39O H 3 Wm 6m cladrm Fl ld F25 A H T D 0 C20 CO 5 25 C 0 nol39 3114 c 39 linear h lineLr rad 399 HCN H C N I39ll lg individuaLbandeLles add ladher D 4 1 ll quot394 t C 39 X 45 R 439 4 Jim exi md vecForo i 0 v n I 17 xamp I 0 0 1 93 0


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