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Poly Sci 102 Lecture Notes Feb 24-Feb 26

by: Rockie Russell

Poly Sci 102 Lecture Notes Feb 24-Feb 26 SOC 101

Marketplace > Washington State University > SOC 101 > Poly Sci 102 Lecture Notes Feb 24 Feb 26
Rockie Russell
Introduction to Sociology
Amanda Clayson

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About this Document

A week's worth of notes from Feb 24 and Feb 26. Mostly covering communism.
Introduction to Sociology
Amanda Clayson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rockie Russell on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at Washington State University taught by Amanda Clayson in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views.


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Date Created: 02/27/15
Political Science 102 Comparative Politics Section 02 Fascism 0 Emphasizes a particular group and appeals heavily to group identity Individualism is rejected 0 It historically has led to militarism and genocide 0 Causes racism and ethnocentrism 0 Examples include Nazis and Italian Fascists Fundamentalism 0 Where religion replaces politics and divine will is the law of the land Mapping Political Ideologies 0 Using a political compass grid 0 Using the leftright continuum CommunismMarxism Karl Marx The theorist who came up with communism and his concepts Communism is 1 An explanation of how society operates and includes theories about revolution classes and economics 2 How society should function and how workers should organize Two main class groups 0 Proletariat Workers exploited by the capitalists 0 Bourgeoisie Those who own the factories and shops capital They benefit from the workers According to Marx politics happens at two levels 1 Base Relations between classes and changing production technology 2 Superstructure institutions such as religion government and nationalism 0 The base is where political change happens The superstructure creates a false conscious Marxist Theory 1 History is about class structures 2 History has a natural cycle 3 Tech change causes revolution 4 After revolution new order sets in 5 New tech change comes 6 The Cycle repeats itself Marx sought to explain that capitalism will have an inevitable downfall in this order P PP N Intense competition Wealth is concentrated in few hands Wages are driven down Workers are alienated from labor Workers become conscious and act Socialism A temporary period that replaces capitalism Revolutionary and Utopia 1 P SquotPP quot Proletariat will rise against capitalists Proletariat will seize the means of production and create a worker state Dictatorship of the proletariat takes place International communist revolution The state withers away Communism takes place common ownership of the means of production and goods are based on need not profit Communism put into practice Marx expected the revolution to happen in the most advanced nations not the poor nations of the time like Russia and China Lenin Believed a vanguard party should be installed to spearhead the revolution 0 The party is organized by a small segment of society and after the revolution they control the country Nomenklatura Party members in the key posts of government Governance under communism 0 Economy governed by central planning 0 State owns factories mines and farms 0 Production quotas are set 0 Guaranteed wages 0 Education and employment guaranteed 0 Economic problems in central planning 0 Impossible for government to plan well without a market 0 No incentive for people to produce more than quota 0 Corruption food shortages and inefficiency are a result of the applied systems China and Russia make a rapid switch to agricultural collectivism and the resulting famines kill millions Religion and social institutions are suppressed due to superstructure being a threat to the party Government censors the media and there are subsidies for propaganda pieces Transition 0 1990 Soviet collapse 0 Gorbachev takes power in 85 and attempts to save the system during the soviet economic crisis Gorbachev s economic reform 0 Perestroika Introduction of market reform to agriculture and industry 0 Glasnost Made management open to public debate Post communism 0 Poland becomes a democracy Russia becomes authoritarian and China introduces economic reform 0 Nations that went through democratic reform from communism developed strong institutions


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