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Notes 2/19

by: Melanie Viering

Notes 2/19 ARH 373

Melanie Viering
GPA 3.5
ARH 373 - Northern Baroque
Tanja Jones

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About this Document

ARH 373 - Northern Baroque
Tanja Jones
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Melanie Viering on Friday February 27, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARH 373 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Tanja Jones in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 119 views. For similar materials see ARH 373 - Northern Baroque in Art History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 02/27/15
ARH 373 Northern Baroque Test 2 Notes Poussin Nicholas French 17th century artist arguably one of the best based in Rome but would have French patrons tremendous impact on Italian art tables turned born in Normandy France from wealthy family 0 well educated like Rubens educated in arts in Paris then Rome at 30 years attempted to go to Rome ywice before but finances were an issue family fell on hard times marries daughter of French cook where he is lodged in Rome style is sculptural in appearance with images from antiquity 1650 portrait has Pittura personification of art in background combines portrait with historymyth o believes art has moraldidactic purpose HA TED genre painting thought it was untalented however he was a great patron of landscapes also seen as a low painting type 0 he would include history into his landscapes for French National Acadamie his is a darling Death of Germanicus 162628 Rome cabinet painting intended for domestic house with audience of well educated elite patron Cardinal Barberini under Pope Urban VIII 0 Cassiano dal Pozzo secretary to Cardinal Barberini I worked very hard to further Poussin s education in Rome unusual subject matter introduced to popular culture 0 intended to showcase patron s education literature source Tacitus s Annals of Imperial Rome 0 Tacitus was a historian o Germanicus was killed by Tiberius his adopted father out ofjealousy of his success as a general triumphal arch classical Germanicus is successful but alas can still be killed by his loved ones imitates classical sculptural reliefs in his alignment of figures and their alignment to picture plane as well as sculptural quality would create wax figures clothe them and stage them to use as reference for painting 0 background architecture has flat look similar to stagetheatre backdrop 0 man with finger raised allocutio gesture used to rally troops or in this case to rally a revenge for Germanicus AbductionRape of the Sabine Women 1633 Rome 0 made for domestic space cabinet painting 0 all about talking conversation piece show off what you know 0 Romulus just founded city but there is no women To get women they host a picnic and then he raises his cloak they all grab themselves a gal 0 Things are included to both instruct and show off art knowledge 0 Romulus is on topleft of painting echoing Raphael s St Paul Preaching 0 Horses are based off Leonardo s horses or Ruben s drawing of them 0 Flailing hands are from Giambologna s Rape of the Sabine sculpture Seven Sacraments 163742 Rome and Paris 0 most extensive series of easel paintings still here unusual subject material for such emphasis counter reformation protestants reject many sacraments saw himself as rhetorician not just a straight copy advocates Phrygian mode of painting isjoyous but also emphatic appropriate for wars ionic mode for feasts and celebrations dorian mode for audience that is stable severe full of wisdom 0 these were outlined vaguely in a letter 0 patron Pozzo cardinal s secretary o assembled paper museum museo cartaceo o drawings etc for his use and Poussin s 0 begins painting works in Rome but is called back to Paris by King for commissions in the Louvre Palace 0 they become famous but Pozzo will not allow copies so he creates a second series under Parisian patron 0 Seven Sacraments Paris 164248 0 someone else commissioned him to do same subject material 0 not exactly the same 0 patron Chantelou who he wrote the letter to o ordination purchased by Fortworth in 20011 for 37 million clearly these are important 0 Poussin said sacraments were part of earliest Christian history only one we need to know by itself for the test is Chantelou s Last Supper Landscape with Body of Phocion 1648 Rome 0 studio produced typical for time


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