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2/23-2/27 notes

by: Alec Greenspoon

2/23-2/27 notes KIN 545

Alec Greenspoon
GPA 3.65
Special sport populations
Dr. Smith

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About this Document

All notes from class and discussion
Special sport populations
Dr. Smith
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alec Greenspoon on Saturday February 28, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to KIN 545 at University of Miami taught by Dr. Smith in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 166 views. For similar materials see Special sport populations in Kinesiology at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 02/28/15
KIN 545 223227 02232015 223 Stress testing and CVD EKG stress testing only 4050 effective in determining disease 0 Heart disease 0 Inability to achieve 80 of maximal HR 0 BP does not drop between 13 min after exercise should be less at 3 than it was at 1 HR continues to increase after talkless point 92 of HR max use METs instead of HR Systolic drops due to increase in intensity stop test and call 911 HR does not rise with increased demand 0 Diastolic BP increases more than 10 indicative of myocardial ischemia V02 max vs V02 peak 0 V02 peak is always less than V02 max 0 Heart failure patients Able to hit V02 peak on treadmill bc skeletal muscle system plays major role will not reach V02 max Limited cardiac output so rely more on muscular endurance Bruce and Balke protocol 0 Able to determine functional capacity with stress test 0 Balke has linear increase Bruce test is stepbystep increase 0 Ideal stressN02 max test should not exceed 12 minutes 0 Patients should be pushed to reach around 2 on angina scale minor ischemia 0 Promote agiogenesis in the heartcardiac adaptations 0 Reach 20 on Borg scale 0 Reach 85 of max HR if possible Thallium binds to potassium channels 0 Shows areas of the heart that are repolarizing correctly by binding to those areas Nonbinded areas are quotcold areasquot and indicate a blockage o Adenosine will cause vasodilation o Bene cial because it does not require exercise Indicators of CHD Upper body ergometry 0 Common because less muscle is involved can get to max easier in CVD patients 0 Lowers V02 peak by about 30 0 Doesn t burn as many calories so not as bene cial in terms of rehabprevention Won t have bene ts from weight loss like treadmill or cycHng Safety 0 Low risk of death 01 0 Risk of acute heart attack increases slights 04 0 Overall not really dangerous Group training sessions are bene cial Improvements in CHD patients 0 Reduced ratepressure product delays onset of angina allowing greater intensity and duration of exercise Heart under less stress Combine resistance training with aerobic training 0 Keep intensity around 60 for longer duration of time will require less blood ow to respiratory muscles 0 Light resistance unilateral 0 Focus on muscular endurance 2 daysweek Home based training was effective high retention rate Cardiac transplantation 0 No longer have parasympatheticsympathetic in uences on the heart 0 Takes about 510 minutes for HR to come up Catecholamines need to come from adrenal gland takes more time Improves longevity Frankstarling curve 0 Central venous pressure pressure lling the heart 0 Diastolic heart failure would be lower on curve Heart failure increases edema 0 Increased capillary pressure on back side of circuit blood forced into other areas Valve diseases 0 Stenosis Narrowing of valve limiting venous return AV valves don t open fully o Insufficiency Valve closes improperly causing back ow into atrial chambers o Prolapse Enlarged valve lea ets bulge back into the atrium blocking venous return through the atrium Heart has to work harder with increased volumevenous return 0 Try to work up to total of 2000 caloriesweek not tested on EKG stuff 22515 Not really bene t of monitoring EKG during rehab in Canada Congestive heart failure 0 Blood backs up on left side of heart into lungs pulmonary veins 0 Increase pressure in veins 0 Blood in capillaries encounters resistance from veins and has no choice but to shoot out into interstitial spaces around the lungs o More likely systolic bit diastolic could contribute COPD C02 build up in lungs o Vasoconstrictor in the lungs o Increases pulmonary pressure Right ventricle needs to work harder Diabesity People stop eating lose wieght rapidly 0 Not sustainable lowers BMR and weight is gained back rapidly For sustained weight loss should not decrease calories by more than 300day Must maintain weight loss for at least 2 years to sustain it over lifetime Grehlin makes you hungry and lowers BMR Leptin makes you feel full Need to improve insulin sensitivity for weight loss 23 of Americans are overweight CHOs ONLY provide energy stored around the waist Having obese friend is 171 increase in risk of obesity sibling is only 42 increased risk Insulin binds to muscle liver and adipocytes 0 Can be insulin resistant in each area or several 0 Inactivity muscles are resistant to insulin so they bind more to fat cells Fat cells can convert precursors into cortisol Body should be mainly muscle 0 Not burning fat increased risk of obesity 0 FAQ fatty acid oxidation Lean people are better at oxidizing lipids o Pima Indians are really bad fat burners only store carbs Visceral fat does not produce leptin does not have set point 0 Allows fat to be lostgained more easily Intermittent fasting improves glucose uptake Obese people do not burn fat as well 0 Lower levels of aerobic enzymes Exercise can be bene cial to weight loss beyond calories hormone sensitivity Microbiota does not seem to help with weight loss lnfectobesity virues o Twins with higher BMI have exposure to virus antibodies 22715 1 Body shape index 2 Replacing saturated fat w CH0 3 TNF alpha on HSL of SCAT and LPL of VAT 4 Indications for bariatric surgery and two most common procedures 5 Pumping syndrome Diabesity Calories in vs calories out only effective for people with functioning set points Potato and grain based deserts cause the most weight gain Diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol is probably low in antioxidants vitamins etc can t blame directly on sat fat or cholesterol 0 Also high in dairy and meat 0 Harvard heart study Replace sat fat with any form of CHO no net change in markers for CVD Starchy carbs are most common TLC diet 0 Decrease saturated fat below 7 of diet Will compensate by adding more sugar fat freelow fat All unsaturated fats are essential can t be made in the body Excess carbs are made into saturated fat Hormone sensitive lipase HSL turns TGs into FFAs and glycerol in subcutaneous fats 0 In ammation causes increase in HSL 0 Good thing Would decrease subcutaneous fat 0 LPL is fat vacuum Shift from subcutaneous to visceral fat storage Body shape index 0 More accurate and more predictive than waist circumference and BMI in predicting mortality 0 ABSI WC BMIquot23 x Heightquot12


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